Taboa Club Granada

May 15, 2023
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party at Taboa Club Granada
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Granada, Spain

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500




Local, Upscale


Taboa might not be the only club in Granada, but it’s the only one that should matter.

Since its 2022 launch, the nightlife venue has been nestled east of Granada’s center. Taboa is located in a multi-story building surrounded by Mexican eateries, tapas spots, and shopping department stores.

Black is the new black seems to be the Granada club’s fashion motto. Oozing an upscale vibe and sophisticated decor, Taboa adds a touch of futurism with LED light shows.

Since one dancing space is never enough, the music temple boasts a second room. Following the same black box interior, the space features an elevated white platform for dancing performances and brave clubbers.

As you venture further into Taboa Club’s second room, you’ll discover an abundance of space, carefully curated to accommodate dance-driven souls.

Pulsating reggaeton rhythms reign supreme at the Granada club with chart-topping hits and booty-pumping beats. Some commercial house might be thrown into the mix depending on the night.

As Granada’s best-kept secret, Taboa Club is usually frequented by a young crowd of stylish locals.

Taboa is where inhibitions melt away, and bodies move in sync, creating an electric energy that sparks unforgettable clubbing sessions.

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