Tempo Club Montevideo

July 11, 2022
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party at Tempo Club Montevideo
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Montevideo, Uruguay

Club / Indoor / XXS – 0-200


Latin, Pop




Looking to dance under the rainbow? Il Tempo has got you covered and will lead you straight to the gold.

As no stranger to the LGBT+ community, Il Tempo opened in 2007 as a safe and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy a night out. It is located in the Parque Rodó, a neighborhood and park just east of downtown Montevideo.

Il Tempo’s elaborate arched windows and ornately detailed building clue party-goers to the glamor hidden within.

Dance to the Latin beats (mostly reggaeton and cumbia) mixed with the occasional pop catered to a predominantly local audience. Il Tempo also caters to international tourists who can find a uniquely Uruguayan experience here.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the Piña Coladas or the Pink Panthers for a deceptively straight hit to a good time. With gender-neutral bathrooms, an outdoor space to take a smoke break, and friendly staff, can a nightclub genuinely have it all?

Expect to rub shoulders with Drag Queens dressed in full-blown glitz and glamor. These show nights are entertaining but be sure to brush up on your Spanish!

Il Tempo continues to serve the LGBT+ community in Uruguay and provides a safe space and platform for guests to be themselves and revel in the entertainment that is sure to delight.

© @il.tempo.3 / Facebook


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