Ten Club Gallipoli

November 30, 2022
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party at Ten Club Gallipoli
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Gallipoli, Italy

Club / Outdoor only / M – 2-5k


Electronic, Hip-Hop, Latin


Casual, International, Pool


Need help picking which club to go to for the evening? Ten is calling your name for parties under the moonlight.

Open since 2017, Ten is immersed in greenery as it is centered in Isola di Sant’Andrea, a natural park a few kilometers away from Gallipoli’s south.

During the day, you can enjoy refreshing drinks by the pool as Ten spans a laid-back bar, a pool area, and a restaurant with wooden tables. At night, the open-air venue turns into a lively nightclub featuring a spacious dance floor with colorful decorations, according to the night and theme.

With artists like Tommy Vee and Ema Stokholma gracing the stage with their electronic sets, Ten is on a whole other level. The club hosts the locally renowned Vida Loca party, blasting everything from hip-hop and reggaeton to Latin hits.

Ten is the melting pot of young and fashionable party-hoppers looking for nights of dancing till sunrise.

Get ready to dance your heart out and let loose to the sounds of nature at Ten.

© @tengallipoli / Instagram


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