Tequilas Discoteque El Paso

August 30, 2022
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party at Tequilas Discoteque El Paso
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El Paso, USA

Club / Indoor Only / S – 500-2k




Live music, Casual


Want to get your disco on? Step right through Tequilas Discoteque’s doors. The club is celebrated as one of El Paso’s top-tier nightlife spots, featuring unmatched vibes.

Tequilas Discoteque is in Mission Valley, the oldest southern neighborhood of El Paso. The club earned itself a reputation for being party-goers’ favorite, with its roomy indoor arena, barrel-shaped tables, and neon lights.

Regional Mexican music reigns supreme at El Paso’s club. Tequilas Discoteque is renowned for its live music, hosting many of Mexico’s finest bands like La Fiera de Ojinaga, Cardenales de Nuevo León, and Calibre50.

The club is home to a diverse Latinx crowd eager to groove to familiar tunes. It doesn’t matter whether you dress all up or slip into a casual fit; just be ready to dance your heart out.

Take Latin clubbing to the next level with fiery experiences at Tequilas Discoteque.

© @tequilasdiscoteque.ep / Facebook


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