Terraza Club Medellin

May 11, 2023
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party at Terraza Club Medellin
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Medellin, Colombia

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500




Underground, Live music


Terraza Club promotes intimate clubbing sessions by bringing Ibiza’s sounds to Medellin’s heart.

Launched in 2020, the party hub is nestled south of Medellin’s center. The wealthy district of El Poblado houses Terraza Club amongst its slew of tall apartment blocks, upscale eateries and high-end fashion boutiques.

Graffiti-soaked buildings surround the Medellin nightclub, which is located in a multi-story black structure recognizable through its tinted windows.

Oozing a tropical vibe but staying loyal to its underground roots, Terraza Club features a capacity of 280 clubbers. With a neon-tinged interior, the music temple displays windows surrounding the dance floor, allowing patrons to take in the beautiful downtown views.

Elsewhere, light shows and lasers hype up the crowds along with the DJ, which sits on an elevated platform at the end of the room. The club is decorated with fake leaves and plants, adding a cute and cozy vibe to the overall atmosphere.

Known as one of the best techno clubs in Medellin, Terraza puts house and other electronic music genres on a pedestal.

Electronic aficionados and techno greenhorns flock to the club’s dance floor every weekend to blow off some steam and create long-lasting memories.

While underground techno is common in Europe, Terraza Club gives you the opportunity to experience it the Medellin way.

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