Tes Club Tbilisi

October 27, 2022
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party at Tes Club Tbilisi
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Tbilisi, Georgia

Club / Indoor & Outdoor / S – 500-2k




Underground, Casual, Alternative


If you’re looking for a taste of Berlin’s hardcore electronic clubs, Tes promises a treat.

The electronic temple resides in southwest Tbilisi, right by the Mtkvari river. Tes takes quirky and industrial to the next level as it is settled inside a former thermal power station. The building is run down and grungy, and its dystopian vibes pair perfectly with the music.

With a maze-like, spacious interior complemented by exposed brick walls and pipes, Tes doubles down on its alternative status. The dimly lit nightclub is steel-clad with elaborate neon lights – barely – illuminating the dance floor.

Tes is outfitted with a locally branded, hand-built sound system that makes the bass go through you, which goes by the name Sioni HiFi. If it gets too intense, take a breather in the club’s backyard and make some new raver friends.

es doesn’t joke around when it comes to music, so expect to hear various electronic sounds. From hardstyle to groovy techno, the Tbilisi nightclub will serve as a sweet escape from your corporate life.

A young crowd equally unphased by societal norms flocks to the club for its off-the-wall raves. The Tbilisi nightclub prides itself on being a safe space for LGBT+ folk, so the gays and theys will find themselves raving alongside drag queens.

The club is tough to get into with its questionable (and xenophobic) face control, so we suggest you make other plans just in case you get the shameful shrug.

Tes is for those who eat, sleep, rave, and repeat, so keep an open mind exploring the culture in new contexts.

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