The Downtown Budapest

June 30, 2022
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party at The Downtown Budapest
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Budapest, Hungary

Club / Indoor / XS- 200-500


Electronic, Pop


Casual, Local


The Downtown, formerly known as 4BRO Downtown, is a renowned club and an integral part of the city’s nightlife scene.

Co-founder Adam Balogh opened The Downtown in the same building which houses AETHER Club. Nestled in the Gozsdu Udvar courtyard within the Erzsébetváros district east of central Budapest, the area is known for its rich Jewish history, eclectic design shops, and street art.

The Downtown nightclub invites multi-genre music lovers to partake in its immersive experience. The eclectic blend of techno, hip-hop, and R&B ensures the dance floor is kept busy all night.

With two floors of dancing and an outdoor terrace, The Downtown attracts local and international crowds eager to immerse themselves in an unmatched partying experience.

No other club has helped define Budapest’s nightlife scene more than The Downtown, making it a staple for any clubbing devotee.

© @thedowntown / Facebook


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