The Best of Toronto Nightlife

April 26, 2023
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Toronto’s nightlife scene is renowned for its dynamic and ever-changing energy. 

Starting with KOST’s Instagrammable views and ending with a juicy burrito at Burrito Boyz, this is how you can experience an amazing night out. 

Here’s your essential guide to Toronto nightlife.

Take in the view from KŌST

© @kosttoronto / Instagram

Perched atop the 44th floor of the ritzy Bisha Hotel, KOST rooftop bar feels, acts, and looks like a modern beach house.

As the place where patrons can relish in a tête-à-tête drinking session with the CN Tower, the sky-high watering hole offers 360° panoramas of the city’s glittering skyline. 

Inspired by California’s sun-kissed shores, KOST’s playful decor is dominated by rattan furnishing, lush greenery and boho-chic accents. As if the hippie-meets-luxe ambiance wasn’t enough of an attention-getter, the infinity pool adds a dash of tropical flavor. 

Whether you are into al fresco dining or refreshing concoctions at sunset, Toronto’s KOST is more than your average rooftop bar – it’s an urban oasis promising nightlife experiences that will leave you yearning for more.

Be Insta-worthy at the Aga Khan Museum

© @agakhanmuseum / Instagram

While Aga Khan Museum gives visitors a window into the artistic, intellectual, and scientific contribution of Muslim civilizations through thousands of artifacts, its modern facade offers dozens of photo opportunities. 

The cultural institution is soaked in 3D projections created by university students or seasoned designers during certain events. Most vibrant projections reveal the surprising connection between cultures and artistic traditions.

Explore CN Tower’s observation decks

© @cntower / Instagram

As twilight descends upon Toronto’s hustle and bustle, the CN Tower emerges as an awe-inspiring beacon of enchantment. Standing at 553 meters high, the telecommunications tower used to be the world’s tallest free-standing structure.

Thrill-seekers can head to CN Tower’s elevator – capable of reaching the observation deck in under one minute – to experience the ultimate cityscape. But Toronto’s main nightlife attraction is more than just a five-second gaze. 

With an all-inclusive concept, the structure features the highest hands-free external walk and the glass-floored SkyPod. The latter makes visitors feel like they are floating on a stardust cloud, suspended 440 meters above the urban landscape. 

A symbol of top-notch engineering and human ingenuity, the CN Tower is a testament to human innovation’s wonders.

Discover Downtown Toronto’s vibrant streets

© A Great Capture / Flickr 

Toronto takes partying seriously, and its Downtown area is living proof. Among towering skyscrapers and buzzing restaurants, the central district beckons with late-night revelry. 

Thanks to its multicultural population, Downtown Toronto houses everything from Las Vegas-inspired lounges to hidden speakeasies. Every alley and corner reveals a getaway realm where the only rule is to have fun.

As you stroll around its streets, indulge in the sultry atmosphere of a speakeasy bar or upscale lounge, such as the Library Bar. Known for its vibrant after-hours culture, the nightlife hotspot masters the way of clubbing with retro discos transporting patrons to Studio 54’s golden age. 

From laid-back party hubs like Lost and Found to underground-meets-electronic music temples like Vertigo, Downtown Toronto unites two clubbing worlds.

Sip on the Paper Crane cocktail at Midnight Market

© @midnightmkt / Instagram

Inspired by Japan’s drinking culture, Paper Crone is the boozy elixir that needs one sip to make you fall in love. Flavourful and bold, the Toronto cocktail features a foolproof blend of Aperol, Baijiu, – a colorless Chinese liquor – Italian bitter, and lemon juice. 

The only place where you can sip on it is Midnight Market, a best-kept hipster hangout in the Kensington Market district. Dense, buzzing, and artfully obscured, walking into the watering hole feels like entering a cyberpunk world. 

With neon-lit elements and a fuss-free atmosphere, Midnight Market resembles Asia’s night markets – hence the name.

Since the bar is one of Toronto’s hidden gems, expect a crowd of loyal customers seeking laid-back cocktail-ing sessions.

Ready, steady, groove at Toybox

© @toyboxtoronto / Instagram

Loyal to no music genre, the high-spirited Toybox ensures every clubber experiences their favorite soundtrack throughout the night. With a foot-tapping mix of urban sounds and commercial EDM, the nightlife venue is where the partying spirit knows no boundaries. 

Every Toybox party translates into an exhilarating ride of beats, vibes, and unapologetic revelry.

Grab a burrito at Burrito Boyz

© @burrito_boys / Instagram

When no drunk food seems to scratch your itch, the burrito’s claw is there to catch you. Traditionally made with tortilla wraps, tender protein and a custom filling – be it cheese, beans, or guacamole – burritos successfully combine gooey goodness with creamy textures. 

Billed as the late-night eatery serving South Ontario’s best burritos, Burrito Boyz has a classic grab-and-go concept. Custom made and always fresh, its long list of pippin hot burritos has something for every taste. From vegan options to meat-loaded dishes, the generous portions have a DIY appeal. 

Foodies can pick from a wide range of toppings, including spicy salsa, creamy sour cream, and tangy guacamole. Come in, take a seat, and savor the flavor of one of Toronto’s most iconic nightlife eateries.


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