Untertage Berlin

June 14, 2023
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Untertage Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Club / Indoor only / XS – 200-500




Live music, Casual, LGBT


Billed as a secret basement escape, Untertage Berlin is where unapologetic hedonism and sex positiveness reign supreme.

The club saw daylight in 2016 thanks to the owners of Berlin’s most infamous men’s sauna, the BOILER. Kreuzberg, a sprawling district located in the city’s south, plays host to the underground party hub.

Popular for its quirky thrift shops, laid-back cafes, and casual bars, the area is a coveted nightlife spot among students and young artists.

As for the Untertage club, it can be found in the basement of a multi-story gray building.

Since it translates to ‘underground,’ the queer clubbing spot exudes nothing but industrial vibes. Spanning multiple rooms and a capacity of 400 revelers, Untertage is bathed in a sultry, semi-noir glow.

The decor marries urban minimalism with a grunge aesthetic, creating a chillingly beautiful and smoky ambiance.

But what sets the Berlin club apart isn’t its unique architecture but the heart-thumping music. Untertage is renowned for its cutting-edge techno and house tunes that ricochet off the concrete walls.

Here, you might stumble upon an obscure DJ before they become tomorrow’s Berliner legend.

Untertage Berlin is a testament to the diversity and unity of the LGBT+ community, as most of its patrons are queer men looking to let loose.

At Untertage, inhibitions are either left at the door or traded for the kind of dancing session that you’ll tell your friends about.


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