The Best of Valencia Nightlife

June 05, 2023
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Valencia’s nightlife features everything from intimate tapas bars to late-night nightclubs. 

Starting with 270º Terrace’s Insta-worthy views and ending with empanadas at El Horno de los Borrachos, this is how you can experience an amazing night out.

Here’s your essential guide to Valencia nightlife.

Have a cocktail-and-view session at 270º Terrace at Barceló


Perched on the 10th floor of four-star hotel Barcelo Valencia, 270º Terrace stakes its claim in the city’s skyline. From this boozy vantage point, Valencia’s iconic panorama unfolds from bustling streets to lush parks. 

If you shift your gaze from the view to the decor, a quick scan will reveal an unbeatable combo of relaxed comfort and sleek lines. Donning a classic lounge style, the Valencia rooftop bar keeps things classy with modern lighting and cozy seating.

But the ultimate head-turner is the plunge pool, perfect for sunny Spanish days. 

While the menu isn’t big on food, daring drink items make up for the lack of bites. Think gin-infused cocktails and timeless classics because that’s what 270º Terrace is about. 

Since the sky bar is often dubbed Valencia’s hidden gem, most of its familiar faces are the city’s mixology connoisseurs and culturally adventurous. 

Snap your next Instagram pic at Ciutat de les arts i les ciències (City of Arts and Sciences)

© @_pictmay_ / Instagram

Both a cultural center and one of Spain’s 12 Treasures, The City of Arts and Sciences has quickly risen to Insta-stardom – and for all good reasons. 

Moreover, the complex’s architectural aesthetics will transport you to a futuristic dreamscape. With audacious fusion of geometric angles, white structures, and curvy lines, the science hub is a pro at delivering visual and intellectual delights. 

Check out the Mercado de Tapineria

© @mercadodetapineria / Instagram

Somewhere between quaint and modern, Mercado de Tapineria is a blend of cultural immersion and metropolitan sophistication. Spanning multiple pedestrian squares, the Valencia nightlife hotspot showcases four captivating stores. 

While La Bernarda and Bar&Kitchen entice visitors with finger-licking snacks and refreshing beverages, The Mercado is a trendy shopping store with locally-produced items. 

For cultural buffs, Espai X is an innovative space that reinvents itself every week through a medley of events. Workshops, presentations, and showrooms fill the calendar, turning every visit into a unique journey. 

The entire setup of Mercado de Tapineria gives domestic brands and companies a stage to showcase their products, constantly reshaping its offerings.

Unlike other Valencia experiences, the spot offers an all-inclusive nightlife package, Mercado de Tapineria is a vibrant celebration of the city’s spirit.

Stroll El Carmen’s cobblestoned streets

© Luis González / Flickr

In Valencia, the day may belong to the sun and the sea, but the night belongs to El Carmen. A tangled web of streets, narrow alleys, and plazas, the district is beautiful, strange, and occasionally sketchy, but never boring.

From its inception as a medieval fortress to its current status as one of Valencia’s most sought-after nightlife hotspots, the old-town district is a backdrop for the city’s most glamorous nights.

Above all, it is a mix of ancient history and modern frivolity, where late-night bars are nestled in centuries-old buildings and graffiti murals adorn the streets.

Moving on to what put El Carmen on the map of international party-goers, Radio City is a long-standing club offering everything from flamenco night to indie rock gigs. 

For those who want to experience the Spanish 1920s, head to Cafe Infanta. Imbued with an old-world charm and decorated with vintage elements, the watering hole offers a quieter night out.

Dive into Valencia’s mixology with Sweet Parrot cocktail at The Jungle

© @thejunglevalencia / Instagram

Foamy and vibrant, the Sweet Parrot cocktail is a boozy elixir that channels the sweet, sour, robust, and gentle. By featuring a zero-alcohol gin base, this cocktail traverses a path less traveled.

Sweet Parrots’ birthplace, The Jungle, is a quirky bar exuding a verdant vivacity through its decor. There’s a sense of being enveloped in the lush canopy of a tropical rainforest thanks to wooden accents, foliage, and ambient lightning. 

In a world of Moscow Mules and Mojitos, The Jungle begs to differ with reinterpreted Margaritas and signature drinks. Maybe that’s part of the reason why Valencia’s chic urbanites frequent the nightlife spot on a weekly basis.

Ready, steady, groove at Mya Valencia


Partying at Mya Valencia is less of an event and more of a journey. The music hub’s generous dance floor is bathed in soft neon and pulsating with commercial tunes every weekend. 

Upscale without giving the unapproachable feel, Mya embodies joie de vivre – all thanks to its infectious energy and foot-tapping playlists.

Finish off your night with empanadas El Horno de los Borrachos

© @elhornodelosborrachos / Instagram

Any self-respecting foodie already knows the mighty empanadas are a nod to Spain’s culinary tradition. The semi-circular, pocket-like drunk food can feature anything from spicy chorizo to vegetarian fillings like tomato, peppers, and onions. 

Translated to ‘The Drunkard’s Oven,’ El Horno de Los Borrachos is a bakery nestled in the heart of Valencia’s nightlife. The eatery’s ethos is creativity, audacity, and a dedication to providing the ultimate gastronomic satisfaction. 

In essence, El Horno de Los Borrachos specializes in fuss-free, traditional dishes – and its decor is a testament to that. Rustic tables and inviting lights make it the kind of place where you can stumble in at 2 AM and feel right at home.


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