Xoxo Party Warsaw

June 28, 2022
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party at Xoxo Party Warsaw
© @XOXOPARTY / Facebook

Warsaw, Poland

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Pop


Live Music, VIP


XOXO Party is one of Warsaw’s most vibrant and colorful nightclubs. 

This brick and concrete styled venue opened in 2015 and has been a staple nightclub in the cultural hub of Śródmieście Południowe, central Warsaw.

The interior design is very bright and colorful, thanks to the neon lights and LED screens. It is also equipped with comfortable sofas and a mezzanine.

The Warsaw nightclub plays cheerful Polish music performed by international artists and DJs. XOXO Party is home to a crowd of incredibly stylish and well-dressed young people.

Enjoy an unforgettable night at the trendy XOXO Party in the company of great music and a fab crowd.

© @XOXOPARTY / Facebook


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