Zircus Random Club Mexico City

July 29, 2022
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party at Zircus Random Club Mexico City
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Mexico City, Mexico

Club / Indoor Only / XS – 200-500


Pop, Latin, Electronic


Live Music


Zircus Random Club is a combination between a diverse music repertoire and jaw-dropping live performances.

Since its opening, Zircus Random Club has taken Juarez’s nightlife scene to the next level. Located northwest of Mexico City, the Juarez neighbourhood is known as a lively area brimming with sidewalk bars, bustling nightclubs, and busy streets.

Zircus Randon Club is situated in an industrial building that features several entrance doors. This music mecca is a multi-level venue, where bright lights shine through the night and glitzy decor elements (such as hefty chandeliers) deliver an upscale allure.

While the first floor features the central bar and a tiled dance floor, the second level is home to a laid-back lounge area.

When resident DJs and local bands hit the stage with live performances, there is no way you’ll be sitting down. The music at Zircus Random Club switches between electronic, pop, hip-hop, and salsa tunes – talking about diversity.

A diverse music repertoire calls out for a diverse crowd – everyone from young locals to international tourists heads to Zircus Random Club for an unforgettable clubbing session.

From blasting music to fire dancers and high-flying aerial artists, Zircus Random Club will keep you entertained till the sunshine.

© @ZircusRandomSatelite / Facebook


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