Zur Klappe Berlin

June 14, 2023
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Zur Klappe Berlin
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Berlin, Germany

Bar / Indoor only / XXS – 0-200




Live music, Casual, Local


Despite being the epitome of underground clubbing, Zur Klappe is Berlin’s tiniest club.

When it took over a former public toilet in 2017, the club added another layer to Berlin’s nightlife. Nestled in the central neighborhood of Kreuzberg, the bar-meets-nightclub is surrounded by laid-back cafes, quirky shops, and a healthy dose of street art.

Zur Klappe’s entrance could be easily overlooked as it doesn’t flaunt neon signs and conspicuous banners. Instead, the music hub gives the rabbit hole feeling with just an unassuming flight of stairs leading into the underground.

Not bigger than 40 square meters, the club has all of Berlin’s charm in it. With a mix of industrial-chic aesthetics and raw visuals, Zur Klappe kept most of the former toilet’s structures.

Low ceilings, sticker-filled walls, and tiled floors reign supreme, while minimal lighting keeps the venue alive.

Here, local DJs spin a wide variety of beats, but all of them fall under the electronic music cachet. From techno and house to minimal and experimental, Zur Klappe’s arms are always open for Berlin’s musical ethos.

While some nightclubs draw a particular type of crowd, Zur Klappe is a melting pot of personalities and backgrounds. It’s a place where diversity isn’t just tolerated but celebrated.

Here, you’ll find everyone from local hipsters to hardcore techno enthusiasts, from queer community members to shy introverts.

While the world outside may continue in its fast-paced dance, Zur Klappe offers a space to escape.

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