All About Arenal Sound Festival

February 10, 2023
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Valencia, Spain

Open air

XXL – 50k+

Latin, Pop


Live music, International

+3 Days

Arenal Sound embodies the perfect summer package as it is the go-to destination for beach vibes and foot-tapping beats.

Located right on the El Arenal beach in Burriana, Valencia, Arenal is a week-long festival taking place in August. 

Although the music celebration has a soft spot for Latin beats, that’s far from being the only predominant music genre. The fest brings together the entire music-loving community with reggaeton, electronic, hip-hop, pop, and rock beats. 

Both local and international singers, bands, and DJs come together for this beat-fueled gala.

With endless hours of music performances, camping, swimming and heaps of fun activities, Arenal is your perfect summer getaway.

Here’s everything you need to know about Arenal Sound Festival.

It’s one big beach party! | © @arenalsound / YouTube

Arenal Sound is a mammoth Latin party

Think about Spain – you cannot picture the sunny country without music. And what could be more appropriate than the Latin anthem? 

Compiling sweet-sounding tunes from Spain and South America, Arenal Sound stirs up the finest lineups.

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But that’s not to say the festival titan doesn’t put the spotlight on local talent. Since day one, its stages have been the playground for homeboys like Dellafuente, Maikel Delacalle, and Lori Meyers.

Elite international headliners such as Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee are the prime names associated with this festival destination – and the roaster doesn’t stop there. Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, and The Cranberries have been global favorites from beyond the Latin genre headlining in past editions.

Arenal Sound ranks among Spain’s top music festivals

Arenal Sound festival began in 2010, and though it was welcomed, it didn’t exactly make a big splash with the first editions. It wasn’t until 2016 that it grew enough to be counted among the notable players in the music festival scene. 

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Fast forward to the present, Arenal Sound ranks among the top music festivals in Spain.

Rubbing shoulders with roaring names from the festival realm, such as Primavera Sound, Sonar, and DGTL Barcelona, this bad boy attracts crowds of hundreds of thousands.

The fest is the ultimate summer experience

The music fest goes beyond live performances, DJ sets, and artists through its on-site activities.

With the sun, sand, swimming pool, beach club, camping site, and endless summeresque activities, Arenal is your complete summer getaway package.

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Not only that, but the Spanish festival is one of the few music events take place on the beach. Beyond the festival’s in-house activities, attendees can indulge in the paradisiacal setting surrounding the event.

Even if you decide to travel solo, there’s no way you will return without making countless friends.

It spawned an economic boom for the region

Burriana – also dubbed one of the prettiest sandy beaches in Eastern Spain – is where the Arenal Sound Festival unleashes each year. As the event grew over the years, it boosted the area’s economy.

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The festival generated $13 million in revenue and created 650 jobs for locals in its 2011 edition.

Following an agreement with the town’s council, Arenal Sound created a job bank dedicated to each of its editions.

Camping at Arenal Sound might be fun, but it is also tricky

Just like other big festival players, camping is a major feature at the Arenal Sound Festival. This music republic has a huge campsite, so your accommodation expenses are taken care of – you don’t have to wiggle around to book expensive hotels.

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Over the course of six days, your tent will turn out to be a mini-home. There are glamping zones at the festival with several options, with prices for any budget.

But if you want to secure the camping spots that will protect you from the feisty Spanish sun, getting to the campsite early is crucial.

Pro tip – it is advisable to pick a spot as far away from the stage as possible since the music can get loud when you try to catch some Zs.

There is a festival market where you can splurge

Forgot to pack an extra pair of bikinis? Ran out of sunblock? Went on a hunt for the perfect Arenal Sound-themed souvenirs? No sweat.

Stop by the shops scattered on Arenal Sound Festival’s grounds to load up on your essentials – whatever those might be. From quirky stuff to everyday needs, there are shops that will make your long stay at the festival easy to navigate. 

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There is also the festival’s official merchandise shop Tienda, where you can shop for clothing and accessories such as T-shirts, mugs, and tote bags.

Non-stop music from international acts and the best Latin beats make Arenal Sound one of the top music festivals out there. But the fun is manifold, thanks to the bouquet of entertainment options and activities that the festival offers.


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