All About Negroni

Everything you need to know about the deliciously strong gin cocktail
March 09, 2022
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negroni cocktail recipe
This Italian cocktail is famous for its bitter flavours | © Micaela Fiorellini / Shutterstock

Negroni Cocktail has been famously known as a man’s drink, but history has proven that its signature bitter flavour is enjoyed by everyone. 

In 2018, the cocktail won the title of the second most called-for cocktail worldwide.

Since its creation 100 years ago, the Negroni has accumulated dozens of variations to the well-loved base concoction, making it an international favourite. 

Dive deeper into the creative history of the Negroni. 


The general consensus agrees that one patron at an Italian bar over a century ago is the reason we have the delicious Negroni today. 

Its name belongs to the infamous inventor, Count Camillo Negroni, who created the concoction in Florence, Italy in 1919. 

The count had developed a taste for strong liquors, and asked the bartenders to create a twist on the traditional Americano by replacing soda water with gin.

negroni cocktail
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Hall of Fame

Orson Welles, famous American director, actor and screenwriter known for movies Citizen Kane,  and Touch of Evil, made one of the first remarks about the drink after trying it in 1947:

“The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.”

Orson Welles

What’s in it

negroni ingredients
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To make a classic Negroni cocktail recipe is no hard feat. The typical ingredients include:

25ml gin
25ml sweet vermouth
25ml Campari

And a slice of orange or orange peel for the garnish.

As a drink made entirely of alcohol, it usually packs quite the punch. A Negroni usually has an alcohol content of around 24% ABV. 

Not for the faintest of hearts!

Do it yourself

Negroni’s recipe is relatively simple to make, with only three main ingredients.

First, you fill an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes and pour your gin, vermouth and Campari on top. Grab a stirrer and stir the mix well until all liquids have fused together. 

Then, you gently squeeze an orange twist or slide over the glass, and add to the side as garnish. 

How to make a Negroni cocktail | © Liqour / Youtube

How it’s served

Negroni has to be served on the rocks and typically in a martini glass with a cool fresh orange skin as a garnish. 

But many prefer to serve the drink in a short squat glass, or an old-fashioned glass, which mimics the modern and charmingly retro nature of the negroni itself.


negroni recipe uk
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The Negroni’s alcoholic base makes it the perfect candidate for experimentation.

Since its initial creation, variations have been popping up left and right to tailor the drink to a range of new tastes and flavours. 

If you’re not big on gin, many Negroni variations replace the strong alcohol with other alternatives to switch up the flavor.

For example, the  Negroni Sbagliato uses sparkling wine instead of gin. The light and sweet Prosecco against the already-bitter Campari makes for the perfect balance of flavor. 

For whiskey lovers, the Old Pal Cocktail uses fiery rye whiskey and dry vermouth for a sleek and sippable drink. 

Now that you’re well acquainted with the strong cocktail, you can fully say that you and the Negroni go way back!


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