BBC’s ‘Global Dancefloor’ Uncovers Nightlife Resistance in Beirut and Salvador

June 09, 2023
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The BBC has aired two radio documentaries that delve into the gripping nightlife scenes of Beirut, Lebanon and Salvador, Brazil. With a focus on themes of community, politics, and oppressed communities, BBC’s Global dancefloor episodes uncover clubbing culture’s complexities.

Available online and hosted by veteran British reporter Frank McWenny, the documentaries explore the often-overlooked resilience. 

The first episode takes listeners into the heart of Beirut’s The Grand Factory, a nightclub that has continued to operate despite Lebanon’s economic and political turmoil. 

McWeeny’s immersive reporting provides a captivating insight into how this celebrated Beirut nightlife spot has become a beacon of perseverance.

The series then pivots to Salvador, an epicenter of Afro-Brazilian culture in Brazil. McWeeny explores the significant role of Batekoo, a QTPOC collective that has profoundly impacted the city’s nightlife scene. 

Through the powerful mediums of music, dance, and education, Batekoo unifies and champions Salvador’s oppressed communities, providing a platform for self-expression and freedom.

Listen to Global dancefloor: Beirut and Global dancefloor: Salvador on the BBC website.


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