Cape Town’s Saint Nightclub Names and Shames Non-Paying Patrons

The upscale nightclub posted the names, social media handles, and pictures of the customers who failed to pay their bills
November 08, 2022
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A Cape Town nightclub called Saint Champagne Bar and Lounge has had enough of its non-payers – so the management took to social media to name and shame the customers who failed to settle their bills. 

In a social media post from Sunday, upscale music temple Saint Champagne Bar and Lounge announced drinkers-and-dashers they have 12 hours to pay off their debts. The nightclub, which is a go-to partying destination for socialites and celebrities, backed up its unusual measure by saying they have “no other choice” but to send an ultimatum. 

Most of the bar debts made the deadline as management took to social media to those who reached out and settled their debts. 

© @saintloungecpt / Instagram

For those who failed to comply with the warning, Cape Town’s Saint went in with all guns blazing and made them part of its very public naughty list.

A trio of non-paying patrons faced public embarrassment when Saint Champagne Bar and Lounge posted their names, pictures, and social media handles. 

The posts exposing the customers started by calling them “most wanted” and continued by saying “we have reached out to you numerous times, yet we have not received a response.” 

“We have a duty to pay suppliers, staff, artists, talents, agents, attorneys, the city of Cape Town, government and contractors, they too have expenses and responsibilities, same with the people they need to pay to.”

But that wasn’t the season finale. The Saint nightclub announced to the “most wanted” patrons that they would continue to post them every week until “you clear out your outstandings.”


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