Edinburgh Student Tattoos Tribute to Rascals Club Night

May 09, 2023
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Devotion to your beloved club can manifest in various forms, whether it’s splurging an eye-watering amount of money on shots or visiting it mid-week. But an Edinburgh student took the loyalty concept to new heights when he tattooed the Rascals logo onto his forearm. 

Initially getting the tattoo “as a laugh,” the student was rewarded with free entry for life and queue skipping perks.

In an interview with The Tab, the student said Rascals “is hands down the best club night” in the city. He extended his recommendation to everyone interested in checking it out, emphasizing that Rascals is Edinburgh’s exclusive, student-led brand.

Rascals Edinburgh’s team, upon verifying the tattoo’s authenticity, expressed their joy by organising a bottle for the inked party animal and his friends.

“Turns out he’s a first-year who loved Rascals so much in semester one… might as well make the £80 investment and get a tattoo of our stamp.”

Enterprising Edinburgh University students founded and run Rascals, which takes place every Thursday night at Bourbon nightclub.


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