Leicester Nightlife Scheme to Curb Alcohol-Related Crime

May 09, 2023
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Leicester has implemented a new accreditation scheme to promote responsible practices and combat alcohol-related crime and disorder. Supported by both the Home Office and the drinks industry, the initiative aims to create a safer nightlife. 

With the launch of the Best Bar None scheme, Leicester seeks to recognize pubs, clubs, and bars prioritizing responsible conduct. By adhering to guidelines and implementing effective measures, nightlife establishments will contribute to patrons’ overall safety and well-being of patrons.

Through championing Leicester nightlife businesses showcasing mindful practices, the scheme aims to foster positive collaborations within the community. 

The launch was made possible through the collaborative efforts of BID Leicester, the organization responsible for the city’s business improvement district.

Leicester’s nightlife scheme already garnered the venues’ interest, with over 90 applying for the accreditation. 

BID Leicester’s director Simon Jenner commented on the initiative, saying it “will provide a framework to build upon by providing support and the sharing of best practices.” 

“As well as providing recognition for venues, Best Bar None accreditation will mean that visitors can be even more confident of an enjoyable and safe night out.”

Originally launched in Manchester back in 2003, the Best Bar None initiative spread its tentacles to other UK cities, as well as overseas locations.


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