New Delhi Clubs Face Dark Days Amid Licensing Chaos

February 27, 2023
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© Edgar Chaparro / Unsplash 

New Delhi nightclubs are stuck in limbo with their alcohol licenses in dire straits. Despite Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena’s policy for nightlife establishments to work around the clock, clubs inside five-star hotels have been unable to renew their licenses. 

Nightclub owners were ecstatic when the government announced major reforms for liquor licenses earlier this year. The new set of rules, due to come in place fully at the end of March, promises fewer forms to fill, red tape reduction, and online submissions. 

Nightlife venues that need to renew their licensees before the new legislation comes in place have since suspended operations. According to Times of India, Delhi Police won’t grant clearances anymore because the submission must be online.

The application process, which was fully offline before, took the online path from January 26th. Despite this, the license portal hasn’t been activated yet, leaving many businesses in uncertainty. 

Although New Delhi clubs can operate with an excise license instead of an alcohol one, they must close doors at midnight without the police’ permission. The situation is causing financial losses to New Delhi clubs, with some shutting down until the permission issue clears out. 


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