Nightlife Group Rekom UK Seeks to Quadruple Venue Number

December 19, 2022
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One of the UK’s most prominent nightclub groups seeks to quadruple its number of venues by 2028. Rekom UK – which owns institutions like Pryzm and Fiction – already has 51 clubs and bars but looks to fourfold its nightlife tribe by snapping up in cities like Liverpool and Manchester. 

Despite the cost-of-living crisis, Saturday nights remain in high demand, according to Rekom UK’s chief executive, Peter Marks.

Nightlife temples target younger audiences who are less likely to be hit by the rising household prices – therefore, they perceive clubbing as an “affordable treat.” 

“What we’re seeing now is more movement to the weekend and that people are very led by big events such as Halloween, New Year and birthdays. Monday to Thursday were never a big part of trading, they’ve definitely dropped back a bit.”

Since nightclubs are still recovering from the COVID-19-induced closures and one in three UK nightclubs could close by the end of the year, Rekom UK is shifting focus to regional cities. Unexplored areas such as Cardiff are points of interest because they have clubs and bars in “clusters.”

“We’ve got nothing in Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle or Glasgow, so these are obviously targets for us.”


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