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January 11, 2023
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New York, United States

Club / Indoor / XS – 200-500


Electronic, Hip-Hop, R&B


Live music, LGBT


If you’re looking for an amazing night of entertainment, House of Yes New York has the perfect array of extravagant performances to keep your eyes glued to the stage.

In 2007, Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova started House of Yes with the mission to embrace artistic expression while organizing remarkable parties.

House of Yes nightclub is a beacon for the LGBT+ community, offering an all-inclusive and safe place for self-expression. Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn this iconic venue proudly celebrates marginalized individuals from all backgrounds, creating joy and unity among the people of New York City.

The building is adorned with a visually captivating “Yes” in the hues of orange, yellow, and pink. To accompany this bold affirmation are several geometric designs, as well as an eyelid covering the entryway and luscious lips adorning its surfaces.

This bright artistry mirrors the club’s purposeful message – one that resonates beauty through every corner of its exterior.

Immerse yourself in a world of glittery enchantment and mesmerizing lights. House of Yes will take you to an alternate realm with twinkling disco balls, luscious laser beams, contemporary artwork suspended from the ceiling, and a spectacular sound system.

Every night features a range of themed parties, cabaret shows, circus performances, and burlesque dancers – not to mention an eclectic mix of music genres ranging from funk, soul, and R&B through to deep house.

From its exciting activities to its awe-inspiring interiors, House of Yes is sure to tantalize your senses and deliver an unforgettable experience.

Here is everything you need to know about House of Yes New York.

Life is Beautiful 2021 | © House of Yes / YouTube

House of Yes New York is a circus extravaganza

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As the brainchild of a creative collective, House of Yes is not your typical Brooklyn clubbing experience – on the contrary.

With its jaw-dropping selection of aerial shows, burlesque performances and anything circus-related, the sprawling nightclub shows that the roaring 80s’ era is still very much alive. 

As diversified as the rainbow clientele it draws, this New York club is never a low-key scene. From cage dancers to Tarot readers, House of Yes showcases a sheer craziness that makes it one of the most lusted-after clubbing destinations in New York.

Part of its soaring popularity is the unique concept

New York is the city of all possibilities – and it seems like House of Yes received this memo.

The nightclub’s constant dedication to displaying the crème de la crème in performances, music beats and hospitality didn’t go unnoticed. But what really catapulted House of Yes into the stratosphere and made it a highly sought-after clubbing mecca is its quirky concept. 

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Striking a good balance between two antithetical concepts – a luscious circus and a vibrant nightclub – is no easy feat. Just like its London-based relative Cirque le Soir, this illicit venue gained a green-eyed notoriety.

Twirling circus performers and pseudo-drag queens ranked House of Yes as the best thing to do in Brooklyn.

House of Yes New York was originally founded in Ridgewood, Queens

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Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood was not House of Yes’ first home. In 2007, the circus extravaganza found shelter in a gritty underground theater in Queens.

The district is dubbed the most diversified borough in NY, so the location fitted the club’s ethos like a glove. 

But House of Yes had to change its location a year after, when a fire almost destroyed the building. Less than two months later, House of Yes relocated to a former ice-house in East Williamsburg. But it wasn’t until 2015 that the New York club opened its doors on the current site. 

House of Yes New York features a unique layout

The venue’s refurb translated into the possibility of doubling the nightclub’s size. Walls got torn to make space for theatrical stages, while cultural barriers were broken to create a safe and all-inclusive space. 

Inside House of Yes, a dynamic array of cultural experiences take place – think poetry nights, drag shows and burlesque performances. Such versatility calls for one thing – a venue that can offer a 360 approach when it comes to nightlife experiences. 

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Maybe this is part of the reason why House of Yes features an atrium, a six-armed statue overlooking the toilets and a steel-like cage above the main bar.

The New York nightclub produced The Devouring

In 2019, House of Yes joined forces with Edition Hotel and Studio 54’s Ian Schrager to produce an immersive show, The Devouring. While it is difficult to summarize the theatrical performance using one adjective, ‘superlative’ comes to mind. 

By merging the aerial performances, jaw-dropping dances and top-notch theatricals, the show showcases an eye-opening theme – the marriage between heaven and hell. 

House of Yes is home to the wildest parties

Unlike other nightclubs, House of Yes only caters to the pleasure-seekers who are ready to indulge in the swanky side of New York’s clubbing scene. At House of Yes, themed parties reign supreme and quirky costumes are de rigueur. 

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In the past, the New York club hosted eccentric events, like Dirty Circus Variety Show and House of Love: Censored. Things might change, for House of Yes’ eternal love for a dynamic events schedule will never change. 

Did someone say LGBT+ friendly? 

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Not only that House of Yes opens its arms to the LGBT+ community, but it also is a master at curating queer events, experiences and performances.

At the end of the day, stepping into this New York club feels like entering a sex-positive realm, filled with glitter and glitzy disco balls.

Although House of Yes hasn’t labeled itself as an LGBT+ club, its Pride Month calendar says something else.

Every June, the nightclub becomes a pro at hosting Pride-related events. 

Given the risque nature of the club’s parties and ideologies, safety and comfort restrictions were a must. When it comes to intimacy and inside the club’s walls, House of Yes is very strict about its consent rules.

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This law of the land translates into security staff who observes guests’ interactions and ensures that everyone is feeling safe. The violation of anyone’s consent can lead to kicking out the wrongdoer.

The dress code matches the club’s uniqueness

Choosing the perfect costume that suits the party theme can be tricky, urging Burke and Sapozhnikova to create mood boards for every themed event. 

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Not prepared? No problem. House of Yes also provides a pop-up costume box, where you can choose from a wide selection of affordable costumes.

Despite the fierce competition in New York’s nightlife industry, House of Yes will remain a leading club where queer people can feel safe, express themselves, and enjoy an unparalleled clubbing experience.


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