Beyond the Artists

We’re shifting the spotlight
September 15, 2021
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Beyond the Artists
We’re committed to telling stories that don’t get told enough | © Erik Mclean / Unsplash

Soundclub Mag is the magazine about live music experiences, beyond the artists. We help you discover them and connect with the vibe you need.

Think about the last live music event you went to.

What did you take home and savour about it?

Perhaps it was the song you’d been dying to hear. Or that time the singer messed up the lyrics. It could’ve been the outfits. Or the energy of the performance. Or the moment the crowd made the song their own and the performer sat back and basked in it. 

We don’t know and we don’t need to know. Whatever it is, everyone’s already talking about it.

We’re more interested in the stuff they forget to talk about.

Like the guy at the door who let you in when you couldn’t find your ticket. Or the woman at the bar who gave you a double when you ordered a single. We care about that girl in the toilets who told you how amazing you looked or the stranger in the crowd whose number you got because that woman gave you the confidence to go for it.

For once, we want to move the spotlight offstage.

Let’s be clear here: we’re not blaming you. We know that we live in an artist-obsessed world where the only people who make the headlines are those for whom the spotlight never dims. 

But we’re on a mission to offer a new perspective by shifting the focus from the people onstage to the people behind it. To the people who built it. And the people who stand in front of it, singing their hearts out to the songs they’ve been blasting in their cars, kitchens, and showers for months on end.

We think you’re as interesting as the Beyoncés and Kanye Wests of this world. But we know you don’t realise that, because there’s no other publication committed to telling you so. 

Live music experiences are made great by everyone who plays a part in them.

From the bouncers to the ravers to the people who clean up the debris the morning after the night before. 

Ordinary people have extraordinary stories. 

We want to be the ones to tell them.


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