Top 20 Nightclub Scenes in Movies

A list of some of the most iconic nightclub scenes in movie history
August 01, 2022
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Capturing a multi-sensory experience is no easy feat – but nightclub movie scenes seem to deliver the goods on that note. 

While some clubbing scenes are suspiciously empty and dubiously quiet, most of them perfectly encapsulate the ineffable moments where the club goes crazy over the DJ’s much-awaited drop. 

Here are some of the most iconic nightclub scenes in movies.

1. Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000)

Oh, the ineffable Ibizan vibe. Encapsulating such a transcendental experience in a few minutes is no easy feat – but Kevin & Perry Go Large does that like it’s nothing. 

In this movie, an inseparable bromance duo heads to the place where electronic beats reign supreme and the girls are gagging for it.

This nightclub scene puts the spotlight on one of the most iconic clubbing destinations on the island – Amnesia. In this drug and craze-fuelled setting, the unapologetic hedonism is so strong that if you close your eyes, this scene might instantly teleport you to the Ibizan EDM-soaked shores.

2. Blade (1998)

A part-vampire, part-mortal superhero pursuing his mission to protect the mortal race from two-fanged enters a nightclub. 

No, this is not your average nightclub joke – it is just Blade’s way of combining clubbing and slaying. In this nightclub scene, Blade and Vanessa venture into a Japanese vampire nightclub. 

While the guests are smoking, sipping on their boozy drinks and enjoying the 2000s K-Pop idol-like performance, the two cause havoc as they search for the entrance to the vampire’s den.

3. Trainspotting (1996)

Deeply rooted in Edinburgh’s drug scene, this dark comedy-drama follows a group of addicts in Edinburgh as they navigate the poverty and obstacles that tag along with drug abuse. 

In this scene, the methamphetamine and alcohol-fuelled protagonist visits a local nightclub as he falls in love with a stranger. The monologue that follows him throughout the scene is quite similar to ours when the night’s almost gone and no hookup partner has been found. 

4. Charlie’s Angels (2019)

This reboot of the famous 2000’s iconic action movie with the same name follows a group of female private agents on their mission to retrieve a dangerous weapon.

As if this short description wasn’t girl-power vibe enough, this nightclub dance scene showcases how two angels do their kick-ass warm-up by downing some champagne glasses and engaging in a jaw-dropping dancing routine. With a stretching session like that, the win is already bagged. 

5. John Wick (2014)

Stylish and thrilling, this neo-noir action movie follows legendary assassin, John Wick. He might have retired from his uber-violent career – but he comes back thirsty for some vengeance.

This iconic nightclub fight scene shows that nothing goes better with heavy electronic beats and trippy visuals than a good fight. After ruining the club’s VIP room with his masterful fighting skills, John Wick chases his enemies into a packed nightclub.

6. Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Set in a future where the line between mortals and machines is almost completely blurred, Ghost in the Shell is a science-fiction action film that stars cyber-human Mira, tasked with stopping to cyber-terrorism. 

Featuring an uber-high-tech venue that seems to be taken out of a video game, this nightclub scene shows how badass it is to party in the future. Cyborg mixologists, animated pole dancers and 3D projections are all included in the package.

7. The Terminator (1984)

We’ve all watched it, rewatched it and loved every second. The Terminator is an iconic action film that stood time’s test. It follows the story of a cyborg assassin who traveled back in time from 2029 to 1984.

During this scene, the protagonist ventures into the nightclub where disco tunes and groovy dance moves reign supreme. Of course, the clubbing scene peaks with the ultimate party pooper – a shooting session.

8. It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2005)

This bad boy embodies the heart-wrenching effects of abusing your body – and hearing – when you live your life in clubs. It follows the tragic life of Ibizan music legend Frankie Wilde, when his DJ career is threatened by his hearing disorder.

The iconic Ibizan Pacha makes an appearance during this nightclub scene. Although his hearing is almost gone, Frankie DJs his way through the last party and makes it a roaring success.

9. Groove (2000)

A shrewd insight into San Francisco’s underground rave scene, Groove shows us how one sole party can change your life forever. Showcasing a life-affirming voyage towards self-discovery, this iconic movie is a must-watch for any rave aficionado. 

Through this nightclub scene, viewers can get a taste of the intimate yet craze-fuelled tech-house scene. Jaw-dropping visuals, transcendental beats and ecstasy use are all part of this all-night rave movie.

10. Babel (2006)

In Babel, there are no villains – just collateral victims. This psychological drama follows an interlocking story of four different storylines.

But this nightclub scene is exclusively about Chieko Wataya, a rebellious – and deaf – teenager who is trying to navigate her emotions. As she follows her friends into a nightclub, Chieko finds out that she can lose herself in the dancing crowds, despite not being able to hear the music.

The speakeasy-style nightclub, iconic tunes, hypnotic lights and the way it’s filmed would make anyone put his dancing shoes on and head towards the nearest party.

11. Ride Along 2 (2016)

This comedy-action film is the second follow-up of the iconic Ride Along franchise. Ben’s wedding day is approaching swiftly, but a drug operation needs to be stopped ASAP. So, anyway, bachelor party anyone? 

In this scene we see the main characters infiltrating a club during their mission. Of course, they find themselves in the midst of a bachelor party. Jaw-dropping models, champagne toasts and Major Lazer’s bumpy Watch Out For This mesh seamlessly to create one of the most vibrant nightclub movie scenes.

12. The Bling Ring (2013)

A group of fame-obsessed high-school students make use of the mighty internet to track and rob high-profile celebs’ homes. There’s a lot of crime, glitz and glam – what can go wrong? 

For those of you hunting for an upscale club vibe that’s on screen, this movie scene is just for you. Making use of their newfound riches, the teenagers head to a VIP club, splurge on boozy drinks, and pretty much live the time of their lives – or what’s left of it.

13. A Night At The Roxbury (1998)

If you are a true reveler at heart, the thought of opening your own nightclub must have crossed your mind at least once. The same goes for A Night At The Roxbury’s starring duo. Despite still being dependent on their parents, the two brothers ferociously dive into the nightclubs realm. 

During this movie scene, two models spot the brothers during their nightclub research session and mistake the duo for high rollers. The whole scene is one massive no-go for clubbing behavior – from the sloppy dance moves to the flirting game.

14. The 51st State (2001)

A streetwise American chemist travels all the way to England pursuing his dream career goal – introducing a one-of-a-kind drug to the European market. This nightclub scene displays a rave utopic universe.

Elmo makes an off-the-wall product presentation by throwing dozens of pills at a thirsty pleasure-seeking party crowd. The flashing lights and bumpy electronic beats make the scene even more worth staring at.

15. Bad Lieutenant (1992)

While Bad Lieutenant puts a cop’s life on stage, it is not for the reasons one might imagine. This movie depicts the rampant corruption that sometimes tags along with police’s societal power.

This nightclub scene displays how your average drug and gamble-addicted police detective acts like at a rave session. Beware – this one is not for the faint-hearted. Excessive substance snorting, jaw-dropping gambling and heavy techno beats are all part of the package.

16. Black Swan (2010)

Wildly melodramatic, Black Swan tells the story of a passionate ballet dancer as she struggles to maintain her sanity after bagging a leading role in an opening production.

Filmed in a Manhattan clubbing spot, this nightclub scene depicts the main character’s twisted friendship with her rival, AKA the dancer who personifies the Black Swan. This rather short scene is all about the protagonist’s liberation and willingness to embrace her primal instincts. Yep, nightclubs tend to do that a lot.

17. Fright Night (1985)

Teleporting you to the disco era, Fright Night is a horror-comedy movie that follows the following trio – next door, thirsty vampire, neighbor. You got the idea, a horror-film junkie comes to one big realization – the fact that the guy next door is a ghostly creature. 

Featuring dance seduction and bumpy disco beats, this movie nightclub scene makes us nostalgic of the roaring 80s. Yeah, we are all here wishing we could party at least once in this laid-back yet glitzy era.

18. American Hustle (2013)

When a con artist and his partner are caught red-handed by an FBI agent, they are thrown into a world of power-brokers and gangsters. But hey, there isn’t one thing that a clubbing session won’t heal. 

A mere “I need to go dancing with you” triggers a nightclub scene fuelled by disco lights, sweaty freedom and seductive dance moves.

19. Men in Black: International (2019)

As the fourth part of the iconic Men In Black series, this science fiction film depicts the same good old group that has protected Earth from outerworld villains since the first movie.

Aliens who club are a rare sight. But you can feast on their rather sloppy yet captivating dance moves every time you press the play button on this nightclub scene.

20. Scarface (1983)

Digging deep into the ruthless world of a drug lord, Scarface has always been a pro at leaving the audiences enthralled, enticed and thirsty for more. When a Cuban immigrant is brave and brainwashed enough to take over the drug cartel, things go out of hand. 

While the iconic movie might not focus on the nightlife scene, this nightclub scene perfectly depicts how your average night out unfolds as an avid clubber – from not being able to hear each other properly on the dance floor to the cringe-inducing flirting session.


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