College Partying Tips 101

What Every Freshman Needs to Know
September 24, 2021
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Before you dive into your first college party, here’s a few tips every freshman needs to know | © @dielorenz @medicalpartymilano / Instagram

Oh, the glory of the first week of university. Back to back events. The prospect of new friends. An incredible few years ahead of you to finally have the time of your life.  

But don’t get ahead of yourself. As with every new encounter, it’s always good to have a few pointers in the right direction.

We’re here to guide you through the gospel rules of college partying that’ll keep you out of trouble and save you a few bucks!

Drinking too much is not that impressive

For some of you, this might be your first drinking experience. Gauging your limit can be hard, especially when you’re trying to impress your new roommates with how many tequila shots (you think) you can take.

Ultimately, everyone wants to let loose and have a good time together, but you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.

No one wants to spend their night taking care of the passed-out newbie. And you don’t want to end up with a lengthy hospital bill from alcohol poisoning!

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Don’t let the nerves get you down

It’s more than okay to be nervous before going to your first college party.

The idea of being around people you don’t know, having to dance, drink and make friends all at the same time is daunting. In fact, most first years are probably just as worried about making a good impression and avoiding any awkward encounters as you are.

Don’t let your nerves keep you cooped up in your dorm and away from all the fun.

Even if parties aren’t your forte, they’ll help you socialize from time to time and make memories you’ll always remember. 

Save the oversharing for later

Some people find it hard to make friends. But maybe it’s the third day of Freshers events and you feel like you’ve finally found your crowd.

As close as you might feel to these newfound buddies, it might be a bit too early to tell them your deepest, darkest secrets. Plus, college is long, and you’re going to meet lots of new people later on.

So maybe hold out on drunkenly spilling your guts until you get to know people on a deeper level than downing jaeger-bombs together.

Pre-ing will save your wallet

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Prepartying is as much a college tradition as partying itself is.

Before you head to the student’s club with your new friends, invite them over for a few glasses to kick the night off.

Trust us, your wallet will thank you.

You’ll avoid overspending on shots and cocktails and waking up to a bunch of transaction messages you can’t even remember. Plus, you’ll already know what kind of alcohol to stick to the rest of the night so you don’t end up mixing!

Someone will lose their keys / phone / wallet… Don’t let it be you

You can almost always guarantee that at some point during welcome week, someone will drop their precious belongings at a party and never find them again.

We get so excited about going out that we forget to plan what to take with us – or how to take it.

Stuffing your bag to the brim with stuff or keeping your valuables in your pockets is a big no-go when it comes to college partying. Do yourself a favor and travel light, take a small card holder with only the cards you need (ID, credit card, college card) and leave the rest at home.

Also, you can invest in a jacket or pants with zippered pockets, so you can make sure no one tries to nick your phone while you’re invested in conversation. 

Keep your friends close, and your drinks closer

College parties are no strangers to spiking.

Leaving your drink unattended is a bad idea when you’re at a loud, crowded party where not everyone knows everyone.

Whether you’re out at the club or rocking it at a flat rave, it’s always a good idea to keep your eye on your drink. And if you’re at a house party, please try to avoid the punch bowl.

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You could bring your own booze (which you know you’ll like more) and keep it somewhere safe throughout the night so no one gets the chance to tamper with it.

Bottles and cans are even better than carrying cups around, because it’s harder for someone to drop something into them when you’re not looking.

Don’t try to be something you’re not

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And cue the most cliche advice to ever be given: just be yourself. But ultimately, it’s true.

A lot of people want to reinvent themselves when going to college, but it just ends up coming off inauthentic.

You don’t need to be the coolest person at the party, or to try too hard to make a name for yourself.

Focus on finding your people, figuring out your vibe and making the most of the few fun years before adulthood kicks in.

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You’re ready to go

At the end of the day, you want to make your college experience as fun, worthwhile and safe as possible.

Now that you know your way around the alcohol-fuelled, wild nights of college partying, you’re ready to be sent on your way! 


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