Andrew Tate Disses Female Festival-Goers In Controversial Tweet 

May 01, 2023
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Andrew Tate’s hot takes are anything but a novelty. In a recent Tweet, the former kickboxer – known for his peddling misogynistic views – criticized women who attend music festivals, advising men to “avoid” them.  

For Andrew Tate, females that attend music festivals are divided into two categories. They’re either “on some losers’ table feeding them cocaine” or “in a crowd of sweaty peasants because they’re a sweaty peasant.” 

“Endless Instagram stories screaming and having “fun” to prove to the world they’re worthless,” Tate added. 

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While Andrew Tate’s tweet about music festivals may have been polarizing, it certainly didn’t sit well with everyone.

The comment section got flooded with a wave of dissent, as many netizens pointing out everybody deserves respect, regardless of their lifestyle choices. 

One user rewrote the Tweet using keywords like “human trafficking,” “cam girls,” and “Romanian prison,” alluding to Tate’s recent arrest. Another user shared his festival-ing experience, saying he met his wife at Electric Forest and it was the “best decision.” 

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Despite the unconventional views causing social media stir and backlash, Andrew Tate also received supportive comments.

One netizen said he divorced his first two wives because he “found out they went to festivals.” Others pointed out that women who listen to techno are “a walking red flag.” 


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