New Documentary Explores COVID-19’s Impact on Techno’s Global Rise

July 05, 2023
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As clubs fell dark during the COVID-19 pandemic, an unexpected light shone on the underground techno scene, propelling it from gritty basements to TikTok trends. A new 15-minute documentary titled Clubkultur nach Corona: Wie der Lockdown die Szene verändert hat, charts this seismic shift, diving deep into the techno revolution that has swept Generation Z off their feet. 

When the world bunkered down in quarantine, techno was amplified through digital platforms, echoing across bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. Online live streams provided a remedy, as DJs could bring their music without a stage or physical audience.

Out of the quarantine quietude, a new generation was awakened to the electrifying pulse of techno music. Home-bound and eager for connection, Generation Z embraced this fresh beat, sparking a mainstream surge for a genre that had long thrived in the shadows.

The documentary explores this shift, presenting how adversity bred innovation and sparked a cultural switch. It brings voices that have shaped this evolution, including DJs Tham and Alva, and rapper Ski Aggu.

DJ Tham, whose HÖR BERLIN set has garnered millions of views expresses concern about the repercussions of the shift. He warns about the potential dilution of techno’s essence, as the genre grapples with bite-sized attention spans cultivated by TikTok.

Alva shares these concerns, adding her worries about the misrepresentation and commercialization of techno on these platforms.

Clubkultur nach Corona: Wie der Lockdown die Szene verändert hat invites viewers on an enthralling journey, tracing the techno scene’s transformation from an underground refuge to a global sensation.

You can watch the documentary here.


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