New Dance Music History Book ‘Party Lines’ Explores the UK’s Socio-Political Beat

August 02, 2023
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Party Lines, a new book chronicling dance music culture’s influence on the UK’s socio-political fabric, is set to be released on August 3rd. Penned by London-based journalist and filmmaker Ed Gillett, the book is a riveting journey through modern Britain’s social, political, and economic transformation. 

Unlike traditional histories of dance music, Party Lines amplifies the echoes of rebellion, resistance and resilience that shaped the UK’s socio-political landscape. 

Stepping beyond conventional historiography, the book presents a fresh perspective on how the genre influenced UK’s societal shifts over the past five decades. 

Party Lines offers a new history of UK dance music, tracing its origins from the acid-rock free festivals of the 1970s and euphoric Second Summer of Love to its post-COVID-19 era transition.

At its core, Party Lines examines a power struggle. It delves into the constant conflict between Britain’s youth seeking self-expression on the dance floor and the bureaucracy’s constant effort to control and curtail these messy and unstable desires.

By addressing themes often glossed over in conventional narratives, the book scrutinises crucial events such as the Thatcher years, the Criminal Justice Act in 1994, and the resurgence of illegal raves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gillett’s approach is not merely academic. It’s visceral, embodying the raw energy inherent in dance music. By challenging established narratives, he highlights the critical influence of Black sound system culture and unearths uncharted themes and connections. 

Find more about the Party Lines book here


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