Club Bouncers’ Hidden Hardship Unveiled in BBC Documentary

June 26, 2023
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Securing nightlife safety is a task few envy and many take for granted. BBC’s new documentary Security: Abuse on the Door uncovers the unseen trials faced by door supervisors across the UK. From verbal abuse to sexual harassment, the 16-minute documentary brings to light a chilling underbelly of on-duty threats. 

Among those sharing their experiences is Olivia Phillips, a 20-year-old door supervisor from Nottingham. She reveals the unnerving reality of her work – death threats, racial slurs, and uninvited touching form an appalling part of her everyday routine. 

In Security: Abuse on the Door, Phillips explains how customers’ grudges due to ejections or denied entry can create “scary” experiences.

“We don’t sign up for being abused. We don’t sign up for getting punched in the face. We’re signing up to help you when you’re sick, when you have fallen over, when you are too drunk to get yourself home.” 

Similarly, Gary Wright, a door supervisor with three decades of service, bears physical and mental scars from a brutal assault. A traumatic brain injury has marred his career after being punched on shift by a customer.

With unwavering resilience, Wright grapples with the effects of post-concussion syndrome while living under the constant fear of further abuse. 

Racial prejudice in this line of work receives a highlight through Ronal Hines’ experience. The documentary follows the Nottingham-based door supervisor as he questions his career choice due to persistent racial discrimination.

These revelations have prompted a call to action from the NTIA’s CEO, Michael Kill, who has urged the government to enhance bouncers’ legal protections.

“These individuals have a very difficult job to do, in many respects a thankless task to many, but an important one none the less as they work tirelessly to keep members of the public safe.”

You can watch Security: Abuse on the Door on BBC iPlayer.


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