Curls, Curfews, and a Cut-off Mic: Lana Del Rey’s Glastonbury Set Cut Short

June 26, 2023
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Glamour met gritty reality this Saturday at Glastonbury when Lana Del Rey arrived 30 minutes late for her Other Stage performance. Like Coachella, the festival enforces a curfew for the main stages, which meant her setlist had to be cut short.

Fans were left waiting for the American singer-songwriter, who admitted her performance was delayed because “my hair takes so fucking long.” What unfolded next was a blend of Del Rey’s signature cinematic performances, impromptu hairstyling, and defying the festival’s vaping ban.

With her stylist completing her hairdo live on stage and an electronic vape punctuating her songs, Del Rey turned the festival into her own surreal setting.

Her delayed start and Glastonbury’s strict curfew resulted in a high-concept performance that rushed against the clock. As midnight approached, she confessed to her fans, “I’m about to rush this set to death.”

But despite her efforts, the pop star’s microphone was cut at midnight with at least six songs – including Summertime Sadness and Video Games – left to play.

Lana Del Rey’s set – one of Glastonbury’s most anticipated performances – ended abruptly an hour after the singer took the stage. 

Footage shared by fans gave a behind-the-scenes peek at Del Rey’s desperate remonstrations with the stage crew as she pleaded to finish her set.

Visibly devastated, the singer made a last-ditch effort to connect with her fans by launching into an a cappella version of Video Games before getting escorted off the stage.

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