Flow Music Releases Beyond Sound, a Film About Berlin’s Club Culture

The 14-minute documentary explores the capital’s electronic sound through the eyes of two veteran DJs
September 01, 2022
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Australian-based media company Flow Music released a 14-minute documentary that follows Berlin’s club scene in the ‘90 and ‘00s. Released last week, Beyond Sound is the brainchild of filmmaker Leonie Gerner – also known as Moogli – and tracks down the earliest electronic music memories of two veteran Berlin DJs. 

The short film features Berlin artists Heimlich Knüller and Madmotormiquel as the main protagonists. Through old footage and contemporary interviews, Beyond Sound draws a line between Berlin’s notorious club scene, their DJ careers, and life setbacks that tag along. 

By diving deep into Fusion Festival’s alternative roots and digging out Berlin’s nightlife scene, the short film delivers a comprehensive image of the capital’s sacred electronic anthem.

Beyond Sound covers a complex palette of industry-related topics, such as growing old in the industry, overcoming cancer and buying vinyl in an era monopolized by censorship and totalitarian regimes. 

Although Flow Music has its geographical roots in Australia, the media platform and music label showcases a strong interest in the global music culture. 

You can now watch Beyond Sound with English subtitles on YouTube. 


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