F[R]EE Documentary Explores The Rise of Europe’s Free Party Movement

June 08, 2023
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“Free the dance floor!” cries new documentary, F[R]EE with its deep dive into Europe’s free party movement. Produced by Doc’n Roll and directed by Alessandro Ugo, the 79-minute exploration promises an unfiltered gaze into the continent’s counter-culture. 

F[R]EE features prominent artists and producers, including Spiral Tribe’s 69db, Mat Weasel Busters, photographer Molly Macindoe, and the Narkotek Crew. By enlisting key players, the documentary brings to life the scene’s ebbs and flows, capturing its energy, ethos, and evolution.

The film unveils the transition of tekno from clandestine raves into the realm of clubs and festivals, highlighting its lasting legacy in fostering a robust counter-culture.

Despite facing tabloid panics, the movement continued to thrive, creating a space that spans age, race, and social class. At its core, the F[R]EE documentary encapsulates the unyielding spirit of the Free Party Movement.

From the free party pioneers DiY Sound System to the modern festival circuit, the film reveals how a culture born out of opposition to mainstream commercialism has not only survived but evolved for over three decades. 

Ugo will donate the film profits to musicians and sound systems, reinforcing F[R]EE‘s ethos.

Following its Bologna debut, the documentary will screen in six UK cities this month, starting in London on June 9th.

As Ugo shared in a Velocity Press interview, the film will hopefully “broaden the view that some people may have on this world” and provide “new tools and perspectives to understand it.”

“I think this was the right moment to release the film, especially in Italy, where the political right wing now in charge has just created the same anti-free party laws that the British government had created in 1994 with the Criminal Justice Bill.”


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