iOS 17 Might Limit Concert Video Recording at Concerts

June 15, 2023
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© @soren_iverson / Twitter

Apple’s upcoming operating system could potentially revolutionize the live music landscape. Earlier this week, Cash App designer Soren Iverson tweeted about an iOS 17 feature that could restrict an iPhone user’s concert recording to half an hour. 

A “You’ve taken 32 minutes of concert footage. Give it a rest & enjoy the show” notification will pop on your screen before your iPhone locks the camera, forcing you to live the moment. 

Opinions are divided between those who embrace the real-time experience and those advocating for unrestricted personal use of Apple devices.

“That’s awful. Those who paid for their devices should be able to use them however they choose,” one user said. “Use the power of ideas to influence others to put their phones away out of their own violation.” 

Other netizens believe iOS 7’s potential concert recording limit “must be done,” adding that its only problem is “that it locks at 32 minutes.” 

In 2016, Apple filed a patent for an infrared-based system that can turn off photo and video recording. Despite this, the tech giant hasn’t made any official statement confirming the implementation of the iOS 17 feature.

iOS 17 is only available in beta version to developers, with a public release expected in July.


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