London’s Toilet Nightclub Public Life Reopens After 10 Years

Under a new name but with the same appetite for electronic beats, The Warmer Room will relaunch at the beginning of November
October 18, 2022
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London’s notorious afterparty club Public Life is making a comeback following its 2012 closure. Located in the basement of a decommissioned Shoreditch public toilet, the nightclub will reopen for the first time in a decade as The Warmer Room. 

At the helm of Public Life’s relaunch is the team behind London event agency The Warmer People, AKA Thom Grant, Nathan Colinet, and Giacomo Giraldi.

Willing to tap into the club’s rich history and eccentric venue, the trio told Mixmag they would keep Public Life club’s classic style by just adding a dash of new. 

“We’re keeping it the same as before, but with a new generation of DJs. The history around it is so interesting, so to revive it was really cool. No one’s played there in over 10 years.”

The party-powered loos feature an almost intact Funktion-One sound system, as the venue hasn’t served much use since its curtain fall.

But that’s all about to change as The Warmer Room will launch on the 4th of November when Paris-based DJ Leo Pol will play the soundtrack of a free event. 

Once known for its offbeat location and outrageous raving session, Public Life made waves in East London’s clubbing scene during the mid-2000s. Following its 2006 opening, the 80-capacity venue sheltered music sets from major league DJs, such as Richie Hawtin and Jamie Jones.

But the ravers’ paradise was shut down in 2012 when Public Life club’s license had been revoked after six years of delivering beat-fueled, marathon-like events such as Secretsundaze and Kubicle. The club later sold for £1 million.


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