Orlando City Leaders Pass Ordinance For Nightlife Safety

The new set of rules places stricter definitions for clubs, bars, and restaurants, restructuring alcohol permit grants
December 07, 2022
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© Dean Milenkovic / Unsplash

Orlando officials are set to redefine the way nightlife works with a set of safety-forward rules. The city council will vote on a new ordinance that will see bars in need of special permits to serve alcohol after midnight, more light and security in parking lots, and regulations for outdoor speaker volumes.

Among the proposals, city officials will discuss a new rule that will create and separate definitions of a restaurant, bar, and nightclub in the city code.

This means zoning officials will go through a new categorization process before giving the affirmative nod to establishments for alcohol licenses. 

The nightlife safety ordinance comes after a shooting left seven people wounded back in July. The incident occurred in front of Wall Street Plaza, a venue complex. Police are still searching for the gunmanas no arrests have been made.


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