Ryanair Bans Duty-Free Alcohol on Flights from UK to Ibiza

June 19, 2023
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© Lucas Davies / Unsplash

Low-cost airline Ryanair announced a ban on duty-free alcohol for flights from the UK to Ibiza. The decision comes after authorities escorted 15 individuals off a flight to Ibiza due to drunken behavior, causing major delays.

According to MixMag, passengers were informed about the new ban via an email stating duty-free alcohol can still be purchased, but needs to be tagged and stored under the aircraft. Customers trying to conceal alcohol risk removal from the flight without refund or compensation. 

The email explains that the new rules aim to “prioritise the comfort and safety of all passengers,” adding that cabin baggage will be searched before boarding. 

The airline has made it clear that anyone who displays “signs of anti-social behavior” could face removal from the flight. 

Ryanair’s ban on alcohol will affect flights from the UK to popular Spanish destinations including Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga, and Tenerife. Earlier this year, the Balearic Islands introduced new rules limiting alcohol consumption for all-inclusive packages to tackle rowdy tourist behavior.


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