Study Reveals Night Owls’ Party Wing Might Be Clipped Sooner

June 22, 2023
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© Aleksandr Popov / Unsplash 

Being a party-loving night owl might ruffle your feathers more than expected. After analyzing the relationship between a person’s body clock and lifestyle, a Finnish study revealed that after-dark habits could lead to an early grave. 

Night owls tend to die younger than their early-rising counterparts since they are more prone to heavy drinking, smoking, and partying. 

The study followed 23,000 participants over a 37-year period and observed their health, sleep patterns, and nocturnal habits. Candidates were divided into “chronotypes,” a genetic predisposition towards being active in the evenings or mornings. 

A whopping 10% were certified night owls, while the morning people, the so-called “larks,” made up 30%.

Results showed that the chance of dying was 9% higher for night owls than early birds. While non-smoking revelers aren’t at a higher risk, those hitting the bottle significantly contribute to alcohol-related deaths. 

According to the study, hardcore partiers are twice as likely to be heavy smokers and binge drinkers than early rises.

The night-dwelling participants also reported sleeping less, with 41% getting eight hours of sleep, compared with 51% of morning people. Sleep is a crucial factor in protecting individuals against illnesses, including heart disease and dementia.

Dr. Christer Hublin from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health explained that a link exists between being an evening person and increased mortality, primarily  due to “a larger consumption of tobacco and alcohol.”


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