Terrace Spaces Boost Shanghai’s Nightlife Economy

Businesses like shopping malls, cultural centers and restaurants have integrated urban outdoor spaces in their infrastructure
October 03, 2022
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When the sun goes down, Shanghai’s terrace economy booms. Also dubbed the Pearl of the Orient, the urban city was recently ranked as China’s most vibrant nightlife hotspot – but this status goes beyond world-class clubbing, neon-lit bars, and rooftop lounges. 

Shanghai’s terrace economy encourages daytime businesses such as malls and restaurants to extend their tentacles towards outdoor dining and urban camping.

This scheme will ultimately help the city recover from the detrimental pandemic, which left Shanghai’s nightlife in shambles. Now, the vertical city is eager to bring its nighttime economy back into the game with brand new terraces and balconies that will fuel residents’ appetite to go out. 

Downtown areas are expected to witness a surge in the number of nightlife activities, facilities, and resources. Jing’an, a central district renowned for its compact mix of upscale malls and peppy dim sum restaurants, is proof that Shanghai citizens have a soft spot for outdoor-based nightlife activities. 

And Jing’an is not the only one. With a futuristic refurb and a pixel-inspired facade, the CITIC Square mall surpassed the high-end commercial center status. It now features 14 balconies and terraces, which makes it a go-to destination for shopping-meets-hospitality experiences. 

Other commercial and cultural venues such as the Center for Contemporary Art, HKRI Taikoo Hui towers, and shopping mall Jiuguang followed in CITIC Square’s footsteps. They all have repurposed their outdoor areas as terraces and opened them for the public. 


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