Warehouse Project Launches App to Keep Clubbers Safe

Besides showcasing artist schedule and calendar events, the WPH app will allow party-goers to contact security and friends
October 12, 2022
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Manchester’s iconic clubbing destination kicked off its 2022 season with a party-safe approach. The Warehouse Project launched an eponymous app to protect clubbers from any harm – from losing friends to reporting unsafe drugs. 

Among basic features such as booking tickets and calendar events, Warehouse Project’s app also includes a map of the 10,000-capacity venue and a way to contact security and friends in case of danger. While the site map showcases key points, such as exits, bars, and toilets, its Google Maps version allows users to see their friends’ location. 

Other features promoting event safety include sounding an alarm, speed dialing friends, requesting help while sending your location and reporting incidents. 

The Warehouse Project app also sends push notifications about on-site drug testing reports to signal unsafe substances. 

Manchester’s electronic institution will be the first UK club of this scale to install free Wi-Fi access to support the app. This will further allow clubbers to stay in contact with their groups and order taxis home. 

Chelsea Teesdale, Head of Digital Marketing at WHP, told ITV that creating a meeting point would improve patrons’ safety.

“As with all aspects of nightlife and festivals, we have to ensure we are doing everything we can so people feel safe and are safe. We want people to feel prepared and know where they’re going and we also suggest creating meeting points.”

Warehouse’s Project app is available for iOS devices and will soon be launched for Android gadgets. 


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