5 Themed Bars in London

Bored of your local pub? So are we. These themed bars will spice up your night.
October 15, 2021
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London themed bars and entertainment
Talk about show-stopping entertainment | © @TrapezeBar_Basement / Instagram

As much as we love a night out at the local pub down the road, we all get bored of drinking the same pints and admiring the same old wooden walls and fraying carpets. Every now and then, we need a little change of scenery, and the UK is filled to the brim with quirky, exotic themed drinking venues to suit your niche. 

1. Alcotraz Penitentiary – Prison Cocktail Bar

Let’s face it, we all think it’s kind of cool to have a story where you ended up in a jail cell after a crazy night out. Well, maybe not the correctional type of jail cell. 

prison cocktail bar alcotraz
You’ll get the orange tracksuit, jail cell, but none of the real life consequences | © Alcotraz Penitentiary

This ‘bar behind bars’ is a unique experience where you get to feel like the slick main character sneaking around crooked guards. 

Interact with interesting characters like the Warden, Clyde Cassidy and your ‘inmate’ bartenders as you learn about the Alcotraz storyline. 

With the impression of ‘real consequences’, you’re tasked with sneaking drinks past officers and spending your sentence of one hour forty five minutes in your cell.

If you’ve spent most of your life being a goody-two-shoes for fear of repercussions, the Alcotraz Penitentiary is here to help you let loose. So put your orange jumpsuit on, because you’re going to be expected to break some rules at this penitentiary! 

They even offer a virtual escape room experience

212 Brick Lane, E1 6SA

2. Trapeze Bar

Circuses never lose their charm. The idea of watching real life body contortionists, fire breathers, acrobats, magicians and iconic trapeze acts can get anyone, child or adult, feeling giddy. 

The Trapeze Bar is here to fulfill all your spectacle-driven fantasies. 

The number of one circus themed bar in Shoreditch thanks to its dedication to theme, decor, and live entertainment experiences, Trapeze is set over 3 levels, exuding a  dreamlike allure.  

Whether you’re there for the cocktail bar Happy Hour, or want to dive straight into the circus acts, the Trapeze won’t disappoint in style, drinks and music. The famous Trapeze Bar Ringmaster will host you on this wild and wacky experience as you enter the magical, mysterious and crazy world of circus. 

89 Great Eastern St, EC2A 3HX

circus performance in london themed bar
The magical appeal of circus performances never ceases to amaze us | © @TrapezeBar_Basement  / Instagram

3. Superheroes Bar Shoreditch

superhero bar london themed bars
Put on your cape and live out your superhero fantasy, no one’s judging here! | © Superheroes Bar Shoreditch

If comic-books, superheroes and science still have a soft spot in your heart, then the Superheroes Bar will be a childhood fantasy come true. With the added perk of alcohol, of course.

Step into the Superheroes HQ and kickstart your outlandish drinking experience in the black and white 2D space which looks like it came out straight off the pages.

As part of their special Hero Cocktail Experience, you’ll be guided by a Certified Hero Trainer to learn the stories of forgotten Golden Age Superheroes, fighting evil as you brew some science-fuelled drinks.  

177 Hoxton St, N1 6PJ

4. Moonshine Saloon

Who doesn’t want to live out as an outlaw in the Midwest? | © Moonshine Saloon

Become the outlaw you’ve always wanted to be at this western-themed cocktail bar. 

Behind the swinging doors of the saloon lies a world of cowboys, locals, and outlaws waiting to be discovered. Moonshine Saloon is a sister venue to Alcotraz Penitentiary, and gives you a different type of badass drinking story. 

This experience offers you the reins to become the ultimate bootlegger, bringing in your own alcohol and sneaking it past the authorities. To make sure the drinks you’ve smuggled are worth drinking, a team of professional mixologists will create Moonshine Cocktails out of your illegal goods. Talk about quality assurance.

28-30 Houndsditch, EC3A 7DB

5. The Montague on the Gardens

This place is all about pop-up seasonal experiences. The Montague on the Gardens offers a one of a kind way to celebrate your summer parties, or fully indulge in the festive season. 

express the festive season 5 themed bars
What better way to experience the festive season? | © @montague_hotel / Instagram
beach bar 5 themed bars london
Leave the noisy London streets behind and step into the Beach Bar escape oasis | © @montague_hotel / Instagram

Usually kick starting at the end of October or early November, the hotel’s Wood Deck is transformed into a winter wonderland. The venue is turned into the famous Ski Lodge, complete with pine trees, falling snow, reindeer, snowmen, sky racks, fairy lights and more. Lose yourself in the Christmas spirit and enjoy a selection of beverages to help you combat the cold.

When summer starts to roll around, the Wood Deck becomes the perfect bar for a beachy retreat – right in the middle of London. The Beach Bar party venue welcomes guests with a beach-hut style thatched roof, palm trees, a backdrop of a beautiful beach and some delicious cocktails. 

15 Montague St, WC1B 5BJ

And there you have it, drinking experiences guaranteed to hit your niche on the head. 

Stop giving in to dull and forgettable nights out and invest in an experience you’ll be reminiscing about for months!


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