Best Drunk Food in Berlin

January 18, 2023
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Your big night out in Berlin isn’t complete without a taste of the city’s best drunk food.

From Burgers at BurgerMeister to Currywurst at Curry 61, Berlin has everything your taste buds might crave late at night.

Here’s your essential guide to the best drunk food in Berlin.

Burgers at BurgerMeister

Burgers at BurgerMeister
© @burgermeisterberlin / Instagram

If you’re a lover of a good American burger, your mouth will start watering for everything on the menu. Sink your teeth into the best classic Cheeseburger around, or if you’re feeling adventurous why not give their iconic MeisterBurger a try?

You can rock up in person to see the fast food joint actually located in what used to be a vintage public toilet (that’s right) under an elevator subway platform, but be prepared to queue. They also have a few other locations around the city. 

Otherwise, you can order one of their delicious late-night meals wherever you’re staying in the city.

Grilled chicken meals at Hühnerhaus 36

Grilled chicken meals at Hühnerhaus 36
© @huhnerhaus36 / Instagram

At Hühnerhaus you are spoiled for choice, with endless grilled chicken options that are deliciously crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The chicken is well marinated before cooking, making its flavor all the more authentic. 

Whether you opt for a chicken skewer, some spicy hot wings or a mouth-watering chicken filet you can pair your order with rice, French fries, salads and more to create the ideal late night drunk food of your choice. 

The chicken shop was so popular among locals and tourists alike that it quickly turned from an ‘insider tip’ to the number one spot for good chicken in Berlin, and expanded to new branches in the city.

Happy customers have called this fast food grill ‘by far the best chicken in town’. And for a good reason.

Italian pizzas at Pizza Peppino

Italian pizza at Pizza Peppino
© @pizzapeppino / Instagram

Everyone knows that pizza is the best drunk food. The fresh cheesy goodness is all that your stomach craves after a big night of drinking.

That’s why Pizza Peppino, which is open until 2 AM. every single night, is the ideal place to quench your hunger. The venue is popular for the amazing dough and use market-fresh ingredients.

Their late night meals won’t keep you waiting. Pizza Peppino’s authentic Italian pizzas and pastas are quickly prepared, and feature a range of options – all within a reasonable budget.

Currywurst at Curry 61

Currywurst at Curry 61
© Evie Butler / Facebook (left) & © Celine Imogen / Facebook (right)

The street-food joint also offers a meat-free option which by general consensus is the ‘perfect vegetarian currywurst’ 

The industrial-style venue allows dine-in or curbside pickup, but doesn’t do delivery, so make sure you pass by the shop on your way back from the club. Should we also mention that the late-night eatery makes its own curry sauce?

Curry61 is pretty popular for having the perfect currywurst recipe at its core – just like their motto says “Life without currywurst is possible, but pointless”.

Doner sandwiches at Imren Grill

Doner sandwiche at Imren Grill
© @show_you_berlin / Instagram (left) & © @hakanssonlars / Instagram (right)

Imren Grill’s doner sandwich stacks high. Featuring warm pita, hot sauce, juicy meat and a plethora of vitamins – from cucumber to lettuce – this late-night embodies everything your boozy stomach craves.

What’s even better is that the grill stays open until 2 AM, making it the perfect drunk dinner. 

It has multiple branches too – wherever you are, you are most probably a stone’s throw away from a juicy doner sandwich.


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