Best Quirky Clubs in Granada

March 10, 2023
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Granada nightlife scene offers peculiar clubbing experiences with its quirky clubs.

These unconventional nightclubs are the perfect choice for those hunting an offbeat and unusual clubbing venue. From Efecto to Jardin Secreto, these are the places for an unexpected night out.

Here’s your essential guide to the best quirky clubs in Granada.


party at Efecto
© @EfectoGranada / Facebook

Azotea de Paripe

party at Azotea de Paripe
© @azoteadeparipe / Facebook

Six Colours

party at Six Colours
© @armandosixcolours.granada / Facebook


party at Instante
© @instantegranada / Facebook


party at Aliatar
© @salaaliatargranada / Facebook

Pub Tantra

party at Pub Tantra
© @TantraGranada / Facebook

La Xula de Paripe

party at La Xula de Paripe
© @laxulaladeparipe / Facebook

Sala Colon

party at Sala Colon
© @salacolongranada / Facebook

Granada 10

party at Granada 10
© @Granada10Teatro / Facebook

Jardin Secreto

party at Jardin Secreto
© @jardinsecretogranada / Facebook


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