Knockout Drops Are on The Rise in Luxembourg Nightlife

December 16, 2022
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© Aleksandr Popov / Unsplash

Knockout drops are on the rise in Luxembourg’s nightlife hubs. According to the 4motion association, the liquid drug causing unconsciousness represents a danger for clubbers, as five victims reported being drugged in the past weeks. 

Also known as liquid ecstasy or GHB, the knockout drops are prevalent in the party scene as date rape drugs due to their ability to make the victim dizzy, confused, and helpless. 

4motion’s director Carlos Paulos told RTL Today knockout drops’ effects include relaxation, openness, and a heightened libido – which makes the drug prevalent at sex parties. 

“Greater doses of several drops have the same effect as being extremely drunk. People lose their balance, feel sick, faint, and even have real blackouts. And that is exactly what happens when being exposed to knockout drops.”

When RTL Today reporters spoke to one of the suspected victims, she described the experience as a “terrible feeling.” The victim further noted that despite having only one glass of sparkling wine, she “cannot remember a single thing that happened between 9 PM and the morning.” 

Investigations are still ongoing. 


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