The Best of Mumbai Nightlife

June 21, 2023
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Mumbai nightlife is a mix of laid-back lounges, commercial clubbing spots, and a plethora of cocktail bars. 

Starting with Asilo’s views and ending with butter chicken at Railway Yard The Midnight Cafe, this is how you can experience an amazing night out.

Here’s your essential guide to Mumbai nightlife.

Enjoy a bird’s-eye perspective from Asilo


To the untrained eye, Mumbai’s skyline is a monotonous quilt of grays and browns punctuated by the occasional verdant patch. But for those in the know, the city’s concrete silhouettes hide a gem that soars higher than its surroundings. 

With its 40th-floor location, Asilo masters the art of delivering panoramic views. As the elevator doors glide open, a cutting-edge, bi-level design – connected by a wooden staircase – grants front-row tickets to the Arabian Sea. 

Since Asilo translates to ‘heaven’ in Spanish, the high-kicking bar has no option but to live up to its name. Oozing a VIP vibe, the venue showcases a minimalistic-meets-elegant scheme of white, black, wood, and glass.

For those with an epicurean bent, Asilo offers a culinary journey that meanders through global and local gastronomic landscapes. The menu is an artful mishmash of cultures, featuring everything from tandoori prawns to Moroccan lamb.

Here, timeless concoctions and innovative cocktails emphasize unique flavor profiles, making Asilo a go-to for post-work sundowners and weekend festivities.

Snap your next Instagram feed addition at Wakai


Japanese-inspired and with a touch of artsy, Wakai is an exclusive fine-dining affair. While that trait put the restaurant on food enthusiasts’ maps, the cartoon murals made it a coveted Instagrammable spot. 

These vivid spectacles narrate stories from beloved comics and anime, transforming Wakai into a fan of social media-friendly designs.

Check out the lively Chowpatty Beach’s cuisine

© Parikh Mahendra N / Shutterstock

Although Chowpatty Beach was initially hailed for its pristine sands and Insta-worthy sunsets, it burgeoned into a foodies’ paradise dating back to the British colonial era, when it was a promenade for picnicking families and wayfaring lovers. 

But as dusk fell, enterprising locals started setting up makeshift stalls, vending street food that appealed to the passer-by.

Fast forward to today, Chowpatty Beach hosts around 50 vibrant food stalls every night.

This bustling bazaar of night-time nibbles summons every palate and dietary preference – from the adventurous omnivore to the discerning vegan.

Bhel Puri, the beach’s crowning glory, is a riot of textures and flavors – puffed rice, crispy puris, and a smorgasbord of chutneys. Add the sizzling pav bhaji, the spicy masala chai, and the irresistible ‘pani puri’ to your food itinerary for an authentic Mumbai experience.

Explore Fort’s streets

© shashin Desai / Flickr

Basking in the glory of the bygone era, Fort Mumbai’s sun-kissed façade is a fusion of colonial elegance and spirited hustle-bustle. Chain stores and street stalls selling everything from coconut water to second-hand books jostle for space while cultural landmarks stand as steadfast pillars of the district’s past. 

On a regular day, the Mumbai nightlife hotspot wears its heritage proudly. But to unravel its nocturnal vibe, one must begin at Sher E Punjab Bar, a pub-style watering hole serving classic cocktails and traditional Indian cuisine. 

Afterwards, venture to El Profesor Lounge, an intimate venue that doubles as a live music venue as the sun sets. With a collection of live performances and aromatic hookah, the lounge feels like an exotic oasis amidst Mumbai’s urban jungle. 

As the night deepens, make your way to Fort’s neon-lit streets. The area isn’t a popular clubbing hub because Fort is too busy nourishing its thriving community of cafes, high-end restaurants, and live music experiences.

Give the Truffle Negroni cocktail a try at Taki Taki

© @takitakiindiai / Instagram

Suave, sophisticated, and packed with robust allure, the Truffle Negroni is a contemporary twist on the traditional Italian staple. It’s like a ménage à trois of gin, Campari, and vermouth, interrupted by the truffle’s full-bodied earthiness.

This sophisticated guest is no random crasher. Its rich tones twist the classic bitter narrative, transforming the Negroni from a classic to an intriguing novella of flavors.

No ordinary establishment can envision, shake, and stir such an offbeat libation. Sculpted with modern lines, Taki Taki has an exotic, undomesticated charm that reminds patrons of Tokyo speakeasies.

Like a clandestine drinking cult, the chic bar offers charm through velvet furnishing, Asian artworks, and pink-coral lights. 

Beyond its four-course tasting menus and selection of Japanese-inspired dishes, Taki Taki serves a compelling cocktail list. You can expect a wide selection of malts, blended whiskeys, sake, and cognacs. 

People-watching here is as exciting as the drinks, with patrons ranging from filmmakers debating the ‘mise-en-scène’ to the entrepreneurs planning their next moonshot.

Burn up the dance floor at Kitty Su

© @KittySuMumbai / Facebook

Kitty Su might be a relatively small club, but it makes up for its lack of space with foot-tapping playlists. The Mumbai nightlife venue hosts some of the city’s most coveted DJs, ensuring that open-format sets boom through the speakers every weekend.

Above all, Kitty Su crafts unforgettable parties with champagne showers and sonic perfection. 

Nourish your stomach with Roti with Chicken at Bademiya

© @bademiya_kebabs / Instagram

This humble symphony of Indian culinary tradition pairs the tender drama of spice-infused chicken with the gentle lullaby of the roti, an everyday bread exalted to gastronomic glory.

Let’s meander from the chicken roti to the grand puppeteer of this nocturnal culinary theater – Bademiya, an unassuming haunt nestled in the heart of Mumbai’s chaos.

A maestro in Mumbai’s street food culture, it offers more than just food – it presents a tradition served hot and fresh, straight from the heart of India. With a repertoire that spans from kebabs to biryanis, Bademiya is a veritable testament to the city’s culinary prowess.


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