The Best of Zurich Nightlife

July 05, 2023
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Zurich nightlife, a vibrant fusion of underground clubs, eclectic bars, and gourmet late-night bites, promises an unforgettable Swiss soiree

Starting with Roof Garden’’s views and ending with a Stuffed Meatball with Potato and Leek Gratin at Gerold Chuchi, this is how you can experience an amazing night out.

Here’s your essential guide to Zurich nightlife.

Elevate your cocktail experience at Roof Garden

© @roofgardenzh / Instagram

Less of a rooftop bar and more of a French Riviera venue, Roof Garden feels like a vibrant stroll along the Mediterranean coastline. Nestled on a department store’s 5th floor, the high-kicking watering hole offers sweeping views of the bustling Bahnhofstrasse. 

You might be in Switzerland, but the spirit of France’s Côte d’Azur is alive at Roof Garden. Amidst a hectic urban lifestyle, the sky bar effortlessly blurs the line between indoor and outdoor space. Inside, a chic, contemporary lounge boasts panoramic windows.

Outside, a wrap-around terrace offers unending views of Zurich’s lively cityscape and the undulating Uetliberg, arguably the city’s best vista.

But the aesthetics are not the only card in the Roof Garden’s winning hand. The menu is an evocative love letter to the French-Mediterranean palate. A parade of delicate flavors from the open kitchen presents a gastronomical repertoire that delights all senses. 

This slice of the French Riviera is not  reserved for those steeped in luxury. At the Roof Garden, there’s a seat with a view for everyone. Suits seeking business deals, visitors looking for a sensory dive into Zurich’s food scene, or locals wanting a quick, lavish getaway – everyone finds a welcome here.

Pose next to Münsterbrücke

© Andrey Omelyanchuk / Flickr

Since 1838, this 92-meter architectural wonder has spanned the Limmat River, cradling stories within its regional sandstone structure.

As if designed for Instagram, its earthy hues, elegant balustrade, and rhythmic arches give every post a #NoFilterNeeded geometric edge. Daylight bestows pastel hues, while Zurich’s vibrant nightlife transforms the bridge into a rainbow under the stars.

Embark on a Lake Zurich Cruise with ZSG

© @zuerichseeschifffahrt / Instagram

While some may associate Zurich’s nightlife with underground indie clubs or upscale cocktail bars, cruises invite night owls to veer off the paved path and into the shimmering waters of Lake Zurich.

Picture this: The moon is an ethereal lantern suspended over Lake Zurich, an expanse of water that stretches over 88 square kilometers, punctuated by rolling hills, resplendent vineyards, and quaint hamlets on its edges.

No one will blame you if you can’t pronounce Zürichsee-Schifffahrtsgesellschaft (that’s ‘Lake Zurich Navigation Company’ for those without a Swiss-German tongue-twister talent). 

Beyond the spellbinding visuals, ZSG offers a distinctive blend of Swiss history, sophistication, and comfort.

Each ship in the fleet serves as a testament to over 140 years of dedication to impeccable craftsmanship and service. Pristine wooden decks, plush seating, and panoramic windows are but a few aspects of the ZSG experience that echo Swiss tradition and attention to detail.

Explore Langstrasse’s streets

© Sandro Bisaro / Flickr

There’s a lane in Zurich where the party never ends, where the glitter of the erstwhile red-light district reflects in the bubbles of a perfectly poured pint. 

Stretching from Zurich’s central railway station (Hauptbahnhof) to Helvetiaplatz, Langstrasse, or ‘Long Street,’ is anything but the tranquil Swiss lanes you’d picture. Once notorious as the city’s red-light district, Langstrasse today is the ‘it’ spot for the nocturnal souls craving Zurich’s nightlife.

Far from the posh precincts of Bahnhofstrasse or the city center’s luxury boutiques, Langstrasse’s appeal lies in its stark contrast. Among the graffiti-adorned buildings and busy shawarma stands, the middle-class Zurich and the formerly independent Aussersihl tell their tales here.

At the forefront of Langstrasse’s electric nightlife is Fat Tony, a club that screams charisma with its eccentric decor, imaginative cocktails, and a dance floor that beckons you to let loose. 

Just down the lane, Zukunft echoes with a mix of techno and electronic beats that reverberate in the hearts of the city’s youth, while Gonzo pays tribute to the rock’n’roll era with its retro ambiance.

Longstreet Bar, the neighborhood’s beloved watering hole, is a cocktail lover’s paradise. Its carefully curated menu boasts globally-inspired blends, perfectly balancing the familiar and exotic.

Give the Tocado cocktail a try at Raygrodski

© @sputnik_cocktail_bar / Instagram

For the cocktail-loving nights owls who prefer their drinks on the rocks, Tocado is the ultimate libation. A foolproof blend of house rum, mint and butterfly tea, and sour mix, the boozy drink balances earthiness and bitterness.

Visually pleasing and worth ordering another round, Tocado is stirred, served, and sipped only at Raygrodski. The Zurich nightlife venue is a glowing beacon for the discerning, thirsty, and oh-so-chic.

Much like the carefully crafted concoctions it serves, Raygrodski is a cocktail of contrasts. The establishment stands as a testament to the revival of classic elegance in a world teetering on the edge of minimalistic trends. Inside, the décor is unassuming yet thoughtfully stylish, a quiet nod to its ‘less is more’ ethos. 

Plush Chesterfield sofas juxtapose with an enormous counter’s raw, industrial lines, creating an intoxicating blend of old-world charm and modern audacity.

But Raygrodski’s crowning glory isn’t just its exquisite décor – its cocktail list feels like exploring a well-curated gallery.

For those seeking a lighter, brighter sip, the ‘Ray Spritz’ – an effervescent delight of Prosecco, grapefruit, Italicus, Aperol, and acids, makes for a perfect toast to refreshment.

Patrons flock to Raygrodski not just for the cocktails but for the camaraderie it fosters. Here, the crowd is an eclectic mélange of the young and fashionable, the connoisseurs, and the seekers of nocturnal adventures.

Get your feet on the dance floor at Kaufleuten

© @KaufleutenKlub / Facebook

Home to mind-blowing clubbing experiences, Kaufleuten is not your average party venue. The Zurich nightlife spot spans multiple floors, ensuring that everybody who passes through its doors will find their vibe.

While Kaufleuten is renowned for its grand size, it’s not the layout that makes revelers return every weekend. In the past, A-list names from the electronic music industry graced the club’s stage.

Finish off your night with Stuffed Meatball with Potato and Leek Gratin Gerold Chuchi

© @geroldchuchi / Facebook

In the bustling, post-party hours of Zurich’s nightlife, the inebriated and the peckish make their pilgrimage to the heart of the city’s most iconic food joint, Gerold Chuchi. The holy grail? A delightful, hedonistic combo of stuffed meatballs and potato and leek gratin.

At its heart, this dish is a celebration of Swiss culinary tradition: simple, hearty, and profoundly satisfying.

Slender potato slices interlaced with sweet, tender leeks, generously doused with cream and baked until golden brown – it’s the symphony of Swiss simplicity that sings a comforting lullaby to your taste buds.

Gerold Chuchi is a homey yet hip eatery renowned for its eclectic decor and vibrant ambiance. The brick-lined walls, cozy wooden tables, and a smattering of lush green plants create an atmosphere that’s as inviting as the dishes themselves.


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