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January 11, 2023
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Neustadt-Glewe, MV, Germany


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Airbeat One festival is a German dance music giant. 

Since it began in 2002, this annual live electronic music festival has become one of the most popular destinations in Europe during the summer. It is held over four days at the beginning of July.

Airbeat One takes place in the unique location of an airport field at Neustadt-Glewe – to the north-west of Berlin in north Germany.

The genres that music fans can find here include EDM, house, hardstyle and techno, and the festival invites some of the best DJs in the world to perform over the course of four days. 

Taking over the world with names such as Marshmello, Tiësto, and Steve Aoki, this festival is not one to miss.

Here’s everything you need to know about Airbeat One festival. 

Airbeat One’s electrifying 2019 edition | © Airbeat One Festival / Youtube

Airbeat One began in 2002

The festival has been running for 20 years, making it one of the longest running dance music festivals in Europe. Back in 2002, the first Airbeat One was organized under a different name, Airbase One, and hosted less than 1,000 visitors. 

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Since then, the festival has seen a steady increase in audience. A spike in 2016 has taken it to the manifold level it has reached today. 

The festival attracts more than 50,000 people daily

Airbeat One is a mega gathering of music aficionados | © @airbeatone / Instagram

People from around the world gather to Germany for the electronic celebration, making it one of Europe’s biggest festivals.

The festival runs for four days and 55,000 people gather every day at Airbeat One. Over the course of four days, that’s more than 220,000 people in attendance.

There’s plenty to explore beyond the music

Visit Barracuda Beach while you’re at Airbeat One | © @airbeatone / Instagram

Airbeat One is set in the Neustadt-Glewe Airfield, which brims over with tens of thousands of people who dance, camp, and explore. 

There are a couple of places around the area that festival-goers frequent, including Barracuda Beach, where they can relax and playing volleyball. Neustadt Glewe’s castle is also a popular tourist spot. 

Camping is an important part of Airbeat One

The festival grounds host many different levels of camping and provide other accommodation options to attendees. 

Don’t leave your camping gear at home | © @airbeatone / Instagram

Guests can either choose to bring their own camping equipment they can set up near the festival area or opt for the easy camping option, which offers every necessity.

There is also a special camping option which is quite luxurious, featuring lodges and glamping facilities.

Airbeat One transports you to a new location every year

The fact that Airbeat One Festival takes over an airfield hints to what the theme of this festival is: travel.

But the theme changes every single year, exciting fans with the opportunity to be temporarily transported into a whole new world. The most recent festival in 2019 had an Indian theme, using the Taj Mahal as inspiration for the design on the main stage. 

It wouldn’t be an Indian theme without Holi powder to color the sky | © @airbeatone / Instagram

In 2018, Great Britain was the chosen destination and the main stage was built to resemble the Tower Bridge, with the London Eye beyond the stage and Big Ben in the background. Another location used was the US, when the stage resembled the White House.

There are five unique stages at the festival

Airbeat One is home to five different stages. A-list artists is not all these stages have to offer, as they have their own musical direction with visual production and stage designs that will leave you speechless.

Make sure you have a look at all the stages here! | © @airbeatone / Facebook

The main stage hosts music industry giants across multiple genres and the four other stages are dedicated to their own styles. The Gladiator stage by Q-dance features harder styles of electronic music, while the Arena stage highlights techno music.

Airbeat One Festival brings a new focus to music

The Second stage at Airbeat One can’t be missed | © @airbeatone / Facebook

The Second stage at Airbeat One has previously been known for the trance artists such as Neelix, Fabio & Moon and Day Din.

From 2022 onwards, the Second stage is dedicated to the Indian Spirit festival, inviting Goa and PsyTrance musicians to perform. Artists to see at this stage include Animato, Ghost Rider and Claudinho Brasil.

The music at Airbeat One plays from dusk to dawn

This festival does not sleep and neither does its audience. Music beat start blasting in the early afternoon and don’t stop even as the sun rises.

© @airbeatone / Facebook

Though it may seem exhausting, some festival-goers make it a bucket list point to watch all of the performances, using the time between morning and afternoon to catch up on rest. 

Airbeat One offers a skydiving experience

Guests at this festival can choose to skydive for a unique festival experience.

As instructors guide you from the air to the festival grounds, this once in a lifetime opportunity with a guaranteed endorphin kick will be recorded on video so that you never have to forget it.

Pyrotechnics reign supreme at Airbeat One Festival

Airbeat One put on a huge fireworks show in 2019, lighting up the sky as Alesso lit up the Taj Mahal stage.

© @airbeatone / Instagram

The fireworks together with the unbelievable visuals are a leitmotif at Airbeat One, impressing its fans and leaving them wanting to come back for more each year.


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