All About Decibel Outdoor Festival

January 16, 2023
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Hilvarenbeek, NB, Netherlands


XXL – 50k+

Electronic, Rock


Live music

+3 Days

Decibel Outdoor Festival is a huge hardstyle music celebration that draws thousands of people every year with a lineup of top-tier musical artists.

The festival was launched in 2002 by B2S (back2school) and is a four-day annual event that takes place in the third week of August.

Every year, this boisterous festival sets the stage on fire in Beekse Bergen Safaripark, south Netherlands, hosting over 200 music performers from all over the world.

Decibel Outdoor festival is an integral part of the world’s hardstyle music scene.

It focuses on electronic music and other hardstyle-related genres including old-school-rave, jumpstyle, hardcore, and hard trance, drawing a diverse crowd to enjoy the beat.

This vibrant festival covers several sections, offering attendees a variety of musical performers in each zone, ensuring that everyone finds what they are searching for.

Here’s everything you need to know about Decibel Outdoor festival.

Decibel Outdoor Festival 2018 | © B2S / YouTube

Since it was launched in 2002, Decibel Outdoor festival has established a strong reputation in the hardstyle music industry. 

Filling in a festival niche that was unexplored at that time, the music celebration has been bringing together hardstyle music lovers to meet hundreds of blue-blooded artists from their beloved genre.

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During every festival day, all stages switch between genres to ensure that every attendee will experience their live soundtrack at least once.

Decibel plays the best mix of hardstyle music

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The festival welcomes hardstyle music fans to explore the magnificent blend of numerous music genres that fall under the category.

With “Live Loud” as its slogan, Decibel Outdoor Festival really turns up the volume for DJ sets, ineffable beats and electronic sessions. Unlike most electronic festivals, this music celebration focuses on the hardstyle niche.

The music genres featured at the Netherlands festival include old-school-rave, jumpstyle, hardcore, and hard trance.

The festival grew from a one-day event to a three-day celebration 

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Following a series of successful events hosted in the past years, the annual festival’s duration was extended from one day to three days in 2019.

When it increased its duration, Decibel Outdoor Festival knew that it had to level up the lineup game.

Featuring more than 30 stages and around 300 artists, this music festival knows that every music lover is different – and taps into that.

Decibel Outdoor Festival has relocated multiple times in the earlier years

As the event grew in popularity, it changed its home several times over the years before finally settling in the Beekse Bergen. The area hosts one of the largest wildlife zoos, providing a home to more than 1,250 animals across 150 species.

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The festival’s first edition was held near Rotterdam. Three years later, Decibel Outdoor moved to Lingebos near Gorinchem. In 2006, it finally settled in Beekse Bergen, where it has been taking place ever since.

Over the years, Decibel expanded into new areas

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After running for several years, the festival expanded to include more areas.

In 2002, Decibel Outdoor Festival was held across four different party areas and stages, each with its unique theme.

The festival kept expanding over the span of 20 years to cover a total of 25 different areas, with more stages to give festival-goers more to explore and enjoy.

The festival has a diverse audience

Decibel Outdoor Festival’s great emphasis on music and constant commitment to bringing the best sounds attracted people from all across the globe like a magnet.

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In 2019, people from over 55 countries visited the festival to witness performances from some top-tier artists. If that doesn’t scream popularity, we don’t know what will.

Decibel can accommodate a huge number of people every day

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Every year, the festival opens its doors to thousands of people who are looking to listen to some of the best music sessions at one of the largest festivals.

The festival can accommodate 70,000 festival-goers every day.

Naturally, the generous capacity is thanks to its location where Mother Nature reigns supreme and boundaries don’t really exist.

The festival is host to some top musical artists

Hosting the top names in the music industry, the festival featured the greatest hardstyle music mix across its various areas.

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Lady Dana, Psyko Punkz, Coone, Headhunterz, and Wildstylez are among the most popular music artists who have performed at Decibel.

Decibel offers several lodging options

If you want to make the most of your festival experience, camping at Decibel is an option you should consider. The festival offers various accommodation options that suit everyone.

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The event’s main campsite is the “weekend district,” which provides a variety of accommodation facilities ranging from pre-pitched tents to log cabins and bungalows. 

Guests are also welcome to bring their tents and camping equipment or purchase pre-set-up tents.


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