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February 10, 2023
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Jakarta, Indonesia

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Djakarta Warehouse Project is where the gods of electronic music descend upon Jakarta for three days. As one of Asia’s largest music festivals, it draws in a record-breaking number of festival-goers each year.

Some 90,000 techno fans, house music enthusiasts, and raving aficionados across three days flock to Indonesia’s capital city to see their electronic music heroes.

Held at Jakarta International Expo, an events complex located in the heart of the city, DWP is a three-day festival kicking off in the first week of December.

Also dubbed as one of the most sought-after electronic music festivals worldwide, it features local and international DJs, making EDM music fans flock to the Indonesian capital.

Here’s everything you need to know about DWP.

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Djakarta Warehouse Project is one of the largest electronic festivals in Asia

The coveted DWP fest has the status that attracts green-eyed glances.

DWP was established in 2008 by the successful hospitality company Ismaya Group, with founders Christian Rijanto, Bram Hendrata, and Brian Sutanto at its helm.

Before Indonesia’s DWP became the electronic titan we know today, the music mammoth was a mere club event in Jakarta’s famous (and now shuttered) nightclub, Blowfish.

When it switched from a mere club night to an electronic must-stopover, DWP changed its name. In 2010, the festival rebranded from Blowfish Warehouse Project to Djakarta Warehouse Project

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As years passed, DWP drew in ever-growing crowds – which ultimately called for a much-deserved expansion. The electronic event jumped from a one-day event to a two-day festival in 2014. But that was far from being the end of DWP’s development.

Back in 2018, the electronic titan reached its current form as a three-day celebration of everything that’s EDM-infused.

DWP went virtual for two years (thanks, COVID-19), but it came back roaring in 2022. With a 360° approach to music, this event brings DJs sets and raving sessions you’ll tell your grandkids about.

With over a decade of festival planning under its belt, DWP now brings in over 90,000 electronic fans from over 30 countries, making it the most-attended festival in Asia.

DWP’s lineups have consistently been star-studded

Foolproof house beats are a staple, and DWP is on a straight-fire mission to cover the biggest names in the EDM scene.

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But that’s not to say the festival titan doesn’t put the spotlight on local talent. Its stages have been the playground for homeboys like DJ Devarra, Dipha Barus, and Weird Genius.

Committed to satisfying every reveler’s music taste, DWP puts everything from progressive house to underground techno under the same roof.

Elite international headliners such as Alesso and Steve Aoki are the prime names associated with this festival destination – and the roster doesn’t stop there. Calvin Harris, Disclosure, and Skrillex have been global favorites from headlining in past editions.

The festival takes place at the famous JIExpo

With a soaring number of festival attendees, DWP has switched locations multiple times throughout the years.

In 2014, DWP settled for the famous Jakarta International Expo, also dubbed Indonesia’s largest entertainment, exhibition, and convention center.

JIExpo features five exhibition halls surrounding an outdoor tarmac, giving the massive indoor and outdoor spaces the capacity to hold over 90,000 attendees.

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Equipped with rigging capacities, concrete floors, and a 16-meter ceiling, JIExpo is so versatile it can comfortably host any event.

In its 2010 edition, DWP was hosted on Carnaval Beach, Ancol, in north Jakarta. Having not yet found a home, DWP tried its luck in 2012 in the indoor sports arena Istora Senayan, and again in 2013 in Eco Park Ancol.

Since 2014, DWP festival has stayed in JIExpo, only making an exception for its special 10th anniversary, when it took over Bali’s Garuda Wisnu Kencana’s Cultural Park.

DWP features spectacular stage designs

The festival has three stages, each displaying different musical talents simultaneously throughout the event.

In all DWP’s past editions, the main stage boasted a massive robotic bird with a moving head and laser eyes named Garuda Land, inspired by the country’s national symbol, Garuda Pancasila.

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Cosmic Station is futuristic-themed, with flashing cubes flanking the stage alongside a ceiling covered in a grid of square lights.

Elrow, a Spanish company organizing international electronic events, hosts a special stage with an elaborate underwater theme.

Revelers are spoiled for choice at DWP, as each stage features different themes, ensuring everyone is engaged with the festival design.

Djakarta Warehouse Project takes over Indonesia’s capital city

As you can already tell, DWP is not your typical music festival. Its massive venue not only introduces electronic music to one of Asia’s largest cities but also takes over the whole city’s central area.

If you’re in the Big Durian during the DWP season, there is no way of escaping it.

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DWP festival is a city-based music extravaganza, so leafy areas and level fields are out of the question. Instead of reserving a campsite, you go on a hotel-hunting adventure.

Jakarta’s hostels, hotels, and Airbnbs serve as the preferred lodging options for international fans of electronic music.

DWP keeps you engaged beyond the music

If you believe DWP’s incredible roster is the pinnacle of perfection, we are here to tell you that more is to come. It’s difficult to strike a balance between raving and relaxation, but DWP achieves it effortlessly.

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The most creative method to get everyone in top condition for their dance session is to offer massages.

Beyond wellness sessions, DWP features services that take your look to the next level with face painting and hair braiding. This festival’s infrastructure ensures that you won’t experience a moment of boredom.

Dive deep into DWP’s appreciation of Indonesian arts and culture

Striking a balance between raving and education is no easy feat – but DWP does it like a religion. At the end of the game, electronic music goes beyond the DJ decks.

The music festival explores the relationship between art and electronic music by unfolding a new world experience of traditional Indonesian dances.

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Introduced in 2016, the creative initiative explores the Indonesian motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which translates to “different but still one.”

For example, the 2019 edition of DWP featured a traditional dance from Betawi, an ethnic group native to Jakarta.

With festival-goers flying in from around the world, DWP proudly showcases Indonesian culture with international crowds. DWP’s immense success with this unique program is a testament to the audience’s enthusiasm for national pride in our ever-increasingly globalized world.

Djakarta Warehouse Project took place in Bali in 2018

Giving techno aficionados their shelter under Indonesian skies for over a decade, the electronic-fueled DWP celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018. One thing’s for sure – the techno republic set all guns ablaze to make its milestone celebration memorable.

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As part of the grand festivities, Djakarta Warehouse Project moved to Bali’s Garuda Wisnu Kencana’s Cultural Park.

The festival got an extra day, a decision that made it the biggest edition of DWP thus far. Dubbed DWPX, the electronic celebration featured a star-studded lineup with roaring names like Alesso, DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Armin van Buuren, and Porter Robinson.

A total of 24 international and 38 local artists were announced for this anniversary extravaganza. Traditional Balinese dance numbers, fire dances, and theater performances also accompanied DWP’s celebrations. 

Djakarta Warehouse Project keeps you energized with delectable food and killer merch

If you think Djakarta Warehouse Project couldn’t get any better with its spectacular lineup, we are here to tell you the festival keeps giving. Apart from the star-studded music sets, a wide variety of food and beverage options await to be discovered.

Both local Indonesian and international food is served at DWP – from chicken satay with rice and spicy fried chicken bowl to cheesy nachos and pizzas.

Although the festival lasts three days, its infrastructure ensures you won’t experience a moment of hunger.

You can also get hold of some seriously sleek DWP merchandise. From T-shirts and shorts to hats and lanyards, you are spoilt for choice.

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