All About Longitude Festival

February 11, 2023
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Dublin, Ireland

Open air / Outdoor only / Park

XL – 20-50k

Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop


International, Live music, Students

+3 Days

Longitude Festival is for young and wild contemporary music lovers.

In late 2012, concert promoter MCD Productions and event company Festival Republic announced Longitude’s debut, scheduled for 2013, in Dublin, Ireland.

The east coast capital is famous for being home to literary legends and Guinness beer.

Scoring an idyllic setting, the Dublin festival takes over Marlay Park, a regional park with a capacity of 40,000 party-goers.

Longitude initially marketed itself as an all-things-pop festival before making a segue into hip-hop beats. The Irish music event is a Gen Z haven, so expect to see Y2K fashion dominating the scene.

Whatever is contemporary and trending, Longitude wants an in on it. From your favorite pop stars to award-winning rappers, the Dublin fest is the first to jump on the bandwagon.

Here’s everything you need to know about Longitude Festival.

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How Longitude Festival became a hit

After its 2013 debut with A-list headliners like Kraftwerk and Kodaline, Longitude established itself as a sure-winner in the festival industry. Although the lineup displayed a unique blend of indie rock talent and electronic acts, it was still considered a pop-heavy fest.

The following years witnessed a slow but steady transformation into a pop festival with artists like Sam Smith gracing its stage.

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In 2016, the music mecca proved its legendary status by hosting non-other than Kendrick Lamar, and eventually reached its final form by becoming a hip-hop event.

Over three days of uninterrupted performances, Longitude blesses Dublin’s festival-goers. With nothing but the finest beats, most eclectic lineups, and an insatiable appetite to be a major festival player, the alternative fest scores win after win like it’s a hobby.

Longitude’s hype is all about contemporary music

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The festival’s metamorphosis from a multi-genre festival to pop and hip-hop has proved beneficial as it has garnered the attention of 40,000 attendees.

With over 20 performances and headliners like Jack Harlow and Jorja Smith, Longitude is only getting better.

The Dublin fest location is a sight for sore eyes

Marlay Park has been Longitude’s home since its 2013 inauguration. The public park is in Rathfarnham, a southside Dublin suburb.

A historic landmark in its own right, Marlay Park is a cultural and leisurely destination with local shops, dog parks, playgrounds, soccer fields, and a whopping golf course – all connected through bridges.

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But Marlay Park isn’t loyal to one mega music event – it hosts regular performances throughout the year and has welcomed music legends like Guns N’ Roses and Radiohead.

Where to go at Longitude Festival

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Headliners like ASAP Rocky use The Main Stage as a temporary home for their Longitude Festival sets. Secondary acts such as 49th & Main take over The Heineken Stage, a massive tent bringing in the circus-y vibes.

A surprise guest is expected on The Spin House Party Stage, so keep your eyes peeled.

In true Irish fashion, the festival is not for overly elaborate celebrations. The stages are equipped with giant screens, so you don’t miss your favorite artists – even if you chose the back row as your go-to spot.

Hit the streets of Dublin after a day of Longitude

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Bad news, fellow campers – Longitude Festival won’t let you unleash your skills for campfires and tent pitching.

Since the music event takes over a public park, leafy areas and flat fields extensive enough for a campsite are out of the option.

But not all is lost. Since camping isn’t an option at this three-day festival, make sure to book Airbnbs, hotels, and hostels that suit your weekend shenanigans.

What to look out for at Longitude Festival

The Dublin festival is already packing heat with its lineup, but it doesn’t stop there. Coke Studio is set to make its festival debut in this Longitude 2022 edition, as it will have its own parties with DJs entertaining crowds from intimate booths.

Refreshing samples, branded festival gear, and mini-raves are at your disposal.

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Retail tycoon JD will be in on Longitude’s happenings, with DJs spinning your favorite hip-hop beats at their booth. With an endless passion for providing a wide array of activities, the music festival will also make space for a gaming center.

If that wasn’t enough, Area 48, by the Irish mobile network 48, is a visual playground with Insta-worthy backdrops. Aside from all the shameless plugging doubling as festival activities, watch out for carnival game huts scattered around the grounds.

Longitude Festival is more than what meets the eye

The Dublin festival managed to stay popular with students and young professionals as it instantly hunts current and contemporary artists. Whoever takes over charts and makes people swoon is expected to perform at Longitude.

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Aside from its international traction and ability to score acts by industry titans, the Irish festival has a soft spot for all art forms.

Latitude, its sister festival in Suffolk, England, is a multi-faceted event focusing on theater, performance art, politics, and literature.

Indie artists like Phoebe Bridgers have performed at Latitude – so expect a fairy-like, highly intellectual setup and crowd.

The Dublin festival has an interesting past

Like most festivals, Longitude has seen its fair share of last-minute artist cancellations. One that mainly caused a lot of online and offline commotion was ASAP Rocky’s 2019 headlining performance.

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The American rapper was charged with assault and arrested only five days before Longitude Festival took off, and it didn’t seem like he was going to make it out in time after being charged with assault.

Donald Trump was the US president at the time of the rapper’s arrest and showed unwavering support for the American artist.

The Irish festival knows how to host 

Varied food and merch booths can be found around Marlay Park. Festival-goers are spoilt for choice as Heineken-branded bars are on every corner, and don’t worry about downing a bunch of drinks because toilets are equally abundant.

Don’t think that those port-a-potties are just some average portable toilets. They might be, but Longitude Festival feels for the attendees who queue for an outrageous amount of time when nature is calling.

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Instead of scattering its grounds with a few toilets, the music fest has an overabundance of toilets – so you can kiss waiting time goodbye.

Longitude is an inclusive festival with accessible parking and areas to cater to a wide-ranging crowd. You can charge your phones with available power banks or withdraw cash at one of the on-site ATMs.


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