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February 10, 2023
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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Club, Indoor & Outdoor

XL – 20-50k



Underground, Alternative

6-24 hr

Rotterdam Rave is an energetic techno festival, drawing more than 27,000 festival-goers during its event day. With pure techno beats and bold electronic sets, this music mecca feeds EDM aficionados’ need for heart-racing beats.

The event is a rookie in the live music scene, but it is not your average once-a-year techno fest.

Rotterdam Rave is an electronic celebration divided into the main Rotterdam Rave Outdoor Festival and other events throughout the year.

Although the fest used the same site until 2019, it now found its home on the vast and spacious grounds in RDM-Grounds, a former submarine wharf in central Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Rave hosts some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene, with dozens of acts across several stages. It draws tens of thousands of techno aficionados and red-blooded ravers from not just in Europe, but all around the world.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rotterdam Rave.

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Rotterdam Rave hosts many techno events throughout the year

In its events, Rotterdam Rave seeks to honor the city’s techno music heritage. The founders aimed to re-establish Rotterdam as a global techno powerhouse.

The first edition of Rotterdam Rave festival was held in 2012. Initially hosting only one event, Rotterdam Rave has since grown to include a variety of techno events throughout the year.

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The main outdoor festival is still a one-day event, running from 1 PM to 11 PM in the iconic RDM-Grounds. If that sounds like it’s too early to end the party, you’re in luck. Afterparties and other events satisfy the crowds’ techno thirst outside the main festival.

A variety of techno events such as the Rotterdam Rave Indoor, Rotterdam Rave Spring Special, Rotterdam Rave Indoor Closing Special, All Night Long, and All Day Long are held in the Maassilo venue and Now & Wow nightclub.

Let’s not forget the anniversary parties, where the festivities are extended throughout the weekend as part of the grand celebrations.

Rotterdam Rave Festival is a hub for techno lovers 

Rotterdam Rave is an underground haven in Europe’s techno music calendar. From international to emerging acts, the music festival covers the whole electronic spectrum with acid, deep house, techno, and hardcore breakbeat.

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You might be into underground raving sessions filled with tech-house sounds. Or you might have a soft spot for large outdoor electronic parties.

Since its commitment to the best electronic sounds spans over a decade, the festival is in a league of its own, becoming one of Europe’s most sought-after outdoor techno fest.

The festival is no stranger to hosting some of the most roaring names in the electronic realm, such as Deep House DJ Ben Klock, techno powerhouse Speedy J, German electronic duo FJAAK, and futuristic techno DJ Paula Temple.

Not only does Rotterdam Rave host well-known names in the genre, but also emerging acts like Charlie Sparks, Cynthia Spiering, DIØN, and IMOGEN.

Rotterdam Rave found shelter in the famous RDM-Grounds

Nothing screams a genuine rave experience more than steel structures, minimal lighting and exposed pipes.

RDM-Grounds – the festival’s most hypnotizing partying meccas – is precisely what you are looking for in an underground rave.

The world-famous site is a former submarine wharf for the Rotterdam Drydock Company. Although time has passed and the area experienced numerous revampings, RDM-Grounds kept its historical allure through its warehouse appeal.

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Rotterdam Rave moved from its Lloyd Multiplein event space to the RDM-Grounds in 2019. While the outdoor festival is hosted in RDM, the indoor afterparty takes over the Maassilo area, an old concrete factory.

Rotterdam Rave features jaw-dropping stages

One of the Rotterdam Rave festival highlights is its stunning stages. With the variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, the festival ensures that ravers’ eyes will be glued to the visual spectacle.

Rotterdam Rave’s location is nestled next to a river, in a authentic industrial setting complete with cranes and shipping containers. Featuring three stages, this electronic festival has a soft spot for awe-inspiring and mind-blowing visuals.

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When it comes to stage production, each of them showcases an off-the-wall lights show.

The three stages are two huge warehouses Control Room and Machine Room, along with the outdoor Dock Area. The Control Room is a former submarine shed with raw industrial aesthetics.

The second stage is the Machine Room, a dark warehouse equipped with pyrotechnics. Last but not least is the Dock Area, an outdoor stage surrounded by shipping containers.

Rotterdam Rave festival is in the heart of the city

At the end of the day, Rotterdam Rave is a destination festival. Surely, you want to take in as much of the city as possible – and Rotterdam Rave is here to lend you a hand in your journey.

You can stay in hostels, Airbnbs or hotels, which helps you make the most of the city’s public transport. Since the music mecca takes over a city full of accommodation options, it won’t take long to find something that fits your needs, requirements and pockets.

© @rotterdamrave / Instagram
© @rotterdamrave / Instagram

You can stay longer for the thrilling experiences that Rotterdam is known for, such as market halls, modern architecture, and the oh-so-cool spirit.

You can also enjoy shuttle buses by choosing from various prices and benefits. Wherever you are in the city, a bus to hop on is closer than you might imagine.

Rotterdam Rave keeps you engaged beyond the music

Striking a balance between raving and relaxation is no easy feat – but Rotterdam Rave does it like it’s born to do it. Offering professional massages to ravers is the most innovative (not to mention uber-relaxing) way to get everyone feeling in top shape for their upcoming dance session.

Nothing will make you feel more ready for a rave than getting your bones cracked a few hours beforehand.

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A detox bar allows attendees to get fresh fruit juice and replenish their much-needed vital nutrients. Rotterdam Rave really knows how to keep festival-goers happy and their bodies functional – even after a 24-hour raving session.

Rotterdam Rave features cruising boat parties

What’s better than partying on a boat while exploring the city? Rotterdam Rave gives festival-goers the opportunity to discover the mighty Rotterdam along the Maas River.

You can marvel at the city’s charming beauty and gleaming skyscrapers while chilling on dining chairs with a boozy drink in hand.

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And if you suffer from a severe case of itchy feet, the dance party is always on – even on the waters. Vibe to the non-stop pulsating beats atop the boat – after all, dancing over the sunset on the river will surely be the kind of experience you’ll tell your grandkids about.

Rotterdam Rave is loyal to the city’s Gabber roots

Gabber, a hardcore techno subgenre, was developed in Rotterdam in the early 1990s. A mix of acid house, new beat and techno, gabber became a music pillar in Netherlands’ electronic scene and a sought-after electronic-infused genre.

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A once-outlawed youth subculture that has since gained popularity, Gabber started as a small-scale, illegal anti-establishment movement that held underground raves in abandoned warehouses, basements, and tunnels.

Whatever you need, the Amsterdam festival already has it covered for you.

Rotterdam Rave Festival hosts regular giveaways

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If you think Rotterdam Rave couldn’t get any better with its spectacular lineup, we are here to tell you the festival keeps giving. Apart from the non-stop music session, various giveaway tickets, and free merch options await.

Get hold of some seriously sleek Rotterdam Rave merchandise, which looks swell with the raised fist logo printed on every item.

From hoodies and t-shirts to tote bags and water bottles, you are spoilt for choice, so make sure you collect them right away from their website before they get sold out.


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